Q: To what extent does your organisation address ethical and/or environmental concerns?

A: At Oriflame, we have a unique sense of community, which is part and parcel of our Wellness offering. Wellness by Oriflame offers unique combinations of supplementary nutrients with signature Swedish natural ingredients that deliver what the body needs to look and feel its best every day.

Professor Stig Steen’s medical research centre – Igelösa Life Science Community – is situated in the countryside of Ska˚ne in the southernmost tip of Sweden.

When working on his original formula, Steen found inspiration locally from farms, fields and gardens surrounding Igelösa. Through a unique combination of three different protein sources, he achieved an amino acid composition that supports the body’s ability to create new proteins and cells in the best possible way.

Together with expertly curated daily routines, and individual specialist products to help manage short and long-term needs, our approach to a healthy life is both manageable, and easy to get started and maintain.

Q: What are the latest trends that Oriflame is introducing?

A: For over 10 years, Steen’s unique nutritional formula has been helping people change their lives.

It was originally instrumental in supporting the nutritional needs of his severely ill lung patients to regain their health. Not long after, it became the foundation of Wellness with Oriflame’s shakes, and has since helped shape good health and positive nutritional choices for tens of thousands of people worldwide.

Q: What are Oriflame’s future plans?

A: Building on our legacy of nutritional expertise, Protein Blend is the latest addition to the Wellness by Oriflame portfolio.

It is Steen’s original creation, and underpinned by medical science that supports the body’s nutritional requirements every day through an optimised blend of proteins and dietary fibre. Its unflavoured powder with no added sugar or sweetener mixes quickly and simply into foods. Steen’s formula has been a game changer in product innovation.

Our nutritionists know that on some days, you eat well and get all the nutrients your body needs but on other days, you fall short. To help you feel your best, we’ve developed an easy daily ABC (activate to fill nutritional gaps using vitamins, minerals and omega-3; build your defences with protein and the antioxidant astaxanthin; and customise your diet as needed to suit individual nutritional requirements using our other supplements) approach with our Wellness products.

Q: What are the key challenges faced by your sector?

A: In the wellness and beauty space, few companies can genuinely lay claim to formulating pure products with no artificial chemicals.

Being from Sweden provides us with a natural relationship to wellness through the way we live, and our inherited view on beauty and health. This relationship of being proactive regarding health, and having a close connection to nature, is what we have translated into our scientifically developed high quality and safe wellness products, programmes and tools.

Q: How would you describe the market – and how do you stay ahead of it?

A: Competition in the beauty and wellness space is fierce. But Oriflame with its unique Wellness origin products stays ahead of the market. Oriflame brings the Swedish approach to wellness through a deep connection with nature and science.

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Area Manager – Sri Lanka
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