FOUL PLAY It is no secret that bribery and corruption has become a way of life in our paradise turned dystopia. It prevails in the highest of places; and likewise, in lowly joints that are frequented by the citizenry – out of sheer necessity.

When a nation’s lawmakers are by and large tainted with the brush of corruption, it not only makes a mockery of wishing for a level playing field but means that the laws that we’re obliged to abide by are being enacted by lawbreakers!

At the lower end of the dirty pipeline, there’s the state machinery; it is well-oiled – albeit with greasy palms – and ever ready to make a quick buck from hapless citizens who continue to cast their votes for the men and women for whom greed permeates a bottomless pit.

In the months gone by, this despicable pastime became a lifeline for attendants of fuel pumps, gas suppliers and other distributors of essential items – and even the professionals and their attendants who were tasked with saving our lives in the face of a deadly virus a few year ago.

Here again, it takes two to tango – meaning that far too many people give in to the demands of lowly fellow citizens… in desperation, some might be inclined to say. But whether tipping a traffic cop to avoid a court appearance is an act of desperation is another story altogether.

The bottom line is that the destiny of our precious land is in our hands. Play ball with the riffraff and you become one of them – the choice is yours!

– Editor-in-Chief