Sunquick introduces evolutionary 2-liter canister for the first time in the world along with a brand new ready to drink product range

Loved by millions all across the country, Sunquick has retained its position as the leading fruit drink in Sri Lanka for decades, and recently the brand introduced yet another novelty for the enjoyment of its loyal fans. For the first time in the world, Sunquick introduced a brand new 2-liter light-weight PET bottle complete with a 12-month shelf-life, handle and facilities for a pump, at a launch ceremony held on the 3rd of October 2019 at the Shangri La in Colombo. The event also celebrated the new partnership of Sunquick’s local distributor – C.W Mackie PLC and Danish company – CO-RO A/S.

Officials from both companies discussed the benefits and features of the new Sunquick canister, the most significant being the improvement in premium product quality. The new packaging has been fine tuned in a manner, which offers superior protection for the high quality of concentrated fruit throughout its product life, including its time on the shelf as well as the duration following its opening and consumption. The bottle’s handle and pump facilities adds to the convenience offered to the consumers, making it easy to use. The material used to produce the bottle is of a lesser weight and carbon footprint. A new tetra pack was also introduced, with the purpose of offering consumers a more convenient form of packaging. As a ready-to-drink (RTD) product, the Sunquick tetra pack, in its smaller, lighter and more durable packaging enables consumers to enjoy the deliciousness of Sunquick anywhere and at any time. The tetra packs come in two sizes – 200ml and 125ml, as well as all the popular fruity flavors of Orange and Mixed Fruit from the Sunquick range.

“The launch of the 2-liter new Sunquick canister in Sri Lanka is a significant milestone in the brand’s history. This new Sunquick 2-liter canister comes with improved and innovated packing quality, and it gives us great pleasure to be the first market to present it to the brand’s loyal fans in Sri Lanka. The new Sunquick canister and the tetra pack have both been introduced with the consumer’s convenience in mind and we hope that these new packages will gain popularity among our loyal customers”, stated Mr. Mangala Perera, the Director of Sunquick Lanka Limited.

These innovations by the management of Sunquick are the result of a careful analysis of global trends and customer needs, which also include catering professionals, chefs and mixology experts who utilize Sunquick in their culinary exploits. The brand new bottling complex in Horana, played a significant role in the entire operation.

The machinery housed within the complex conforms to the strict Scandinavian standards demanded by the product. Quality assurance personnel from the Global QA team ensure that international quality standards are never compromised.

Launched in Denmark in 1966, Sunquick has been available in Sri Lanka for more than 42 years creating happy moments and memories in the homes of all its customers. The Sunquick brand enjoys more than 70% market share in the Squash and Cordial category in Sri Lanka, and is well known for its wide range of flavors, which are made with high quality natural fruit juices.