Seylan Harasara to bring more benefits to Senior Citizens

Colombo, September 29, 2022 – Seylan Bank’s senior citizen savings account, Seylan Harasara offers many privileges to the Senior Citizens by identifying their essential needs and providing relevant financial solutions. As a means of providing relief for regular medical needs, Seylan Bank, the Bank with a Heart, announced the offer of a range of discounts for medical services and daily needs to its Harasara Debit Card holders.

The latest rewards for Seylan Harasara Debit Card holders are primarily focused on medical needs, as it is one of the most crucial requirements for Senior Citizens. With this in mind, Seylan Bank has partnered Asiri hospitals, offering up to 20% on OPD laboratory services, CT and MRI scans, ECG, X-ray, Mammograms and more selected services when paid for using the Seylan Debit Card and, discounts up to 10% at Asiri Laboratories. The offers also extend to Vision Care where Harasara Card holders receive discounts up to 20% on hearing aids and up to 10% off for spectacles and sunglasses.

Furthermore, Seylan Harasara account holders receive 25% savings for any treatment at the Siddhalepa Treatment Centers in Horton Place and Mount Lavinia and on OPD medicine and treatments at the Siddhalepa Ayurveda Hospital. The discount is also extended to room rates for stays over 2 nights at the Siddhalepa Ayurveda Hospital.

An attractive pension day savings on essentials is offered to senior citizens where they receive 10% off at Cargills Foodcity on the monthly pension day and the following two days. Moreover, a 15% discount is on offer for both local and foreign books at Vijitha Yapa bookshops.

Commenting on the newest offers, Dimuth Sigera, Assistant General Manager – Branches, Zone 1, Seylan Bank, stated, “Seylan Bank’s core values consist of going beyond providing only financial solutions to our customers. Our senior citizens are very important to us, as they have contributed to society, and now deserve to enjoy the benefits of their work. As a responsible bank, we always attempt to identify their most essential needs and fulfill them in the best ways possible. Since recurrent medical needs are prevalent within this segment of our society, and the trend seems to be moving towards an increase in medicine related expenses owing to the current economic situation, Seylan Harasara pays more focus in providing relief for such needs, together with other benefits. We believe that this will enable us to support our Senior Citizens and ease some of their burdens”.

The primary benefits for Seylan Harasara account holders include Pensioners’ Loan up to Rs. 5 million, a one-off utility payment up to Rs. 5,000 for those who transfer their pension to a Harasara account and continuously remit the pension for 3 months, a reimbursement up to Rs. 200,000 on general surgery, and cost for lenses and accessories for cataract surgery. A 60th birthday reward in addition to other retirement benefits, the option to receive e-statements as well as a branded Debit Card, which can be used as a ‘membership card’ to avail discounts are available for Harasara account holders.

Through the many services and initiatives offered to its customers, Seylan Bank continues to play the role of enabling Sri Lankans to achieve their aspirations in life. Seylan Harasara empowers the account holders with financial stability, and benefits that they can enjoy in their senior years.