The trust placed on corporates by all stakeholders based on integrity, ethics, professionalism and good governance is extremely powerful. As these elements translate into always doing the right thing, it builds customer loyalty, strengthens value chains, increases the talent pool for recruitment and helps retain talent, garners respect from the community and provides unwavering support even in the most challenging times.

As such, stakeholders hold corporates accountable on environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies and practices.

As professionals and corporate leaders, we have the opportunity to set the benchmark for good governance, transparency, accountability, ethical conduct, and a commitment to diversity, inclusivity and social responsibility.

We also have the platforms to communicate the importance of these values by showcasing our actions and initiatives in these aspects, leading by example, so that others may be encouraged to emulate us.

Investing in our people, providing a safe, inclusive and respectful work environment will support our people to uphold company policies, and live by the organisation’s values and code of conduct, which is a key driver of professionalism and ethical conduct.

Further, it is important to continuously assess our footprint on the planet and ensure that we are mindful of our use of natural resources. We must strive to seek innovative sustainable and alternative solutions.

As responsible corporate citizens, we must also underst­and the needs of our communities especially during this time with regard to the sustainability of livelihoods and provision of education and nutrition, and make an effort to support them through corporate networks and synergies, thereby enabling economic growth at the grassroots.

Through the positions of membership we hold in a diverse range of professional groups and governance bo­dies, we have the ability to shape ethical policies, influence and address industry concerns, uplift industry norms and act for the betterment of the business environment as a whole.

Underpinned by corporate governance and sustainable development principles, at John Keells our strongest attributes are our core values of integrity, trust, innovation, caring and excellence.

We are committed to upholding group policies where emphasis is placed on ethical and legal dealings, and zero tolerance for corruption, bribery and any form of harassment or discrimination.

The business community and public sector need to act with integrity at all times, if we as a nation are to prosper.

It is important to continuously assess our footprint on the planet and ensure that we are mindful of our use of natural resources