Q: In what way does CSR come into play vis-à-vis corporate respect?

CSR is a core pillar of being a respected corporate – it’s important that companies use their position and abilities to help drive change and positively impact people’s lives.

In today’s digital world, companies have a better understanding of this and are increasingly being held accountable. For Hirdaramani, having been around for over 100 years, respect has come from our commitment to communities throughout the years.

People recognise the inherent commitment that goes beyond marketing spending or campaigns – this is when a company achieves a true level of respect that cannot be easily tarnished.

Q: In your opinion, what counts as ‘CSR’?

CSR is about how we make things better outside our own organisations for people and in situations that are not directly linked to us.

For Hirdaramani, it is a pillar in the broader concept of being a sustainable organisation. This includes what we do to protect the environment, take care of the people who are part of our business and of course, CSR, which entails what we do beyond the immediate Hirdaramani sphere.

CSR enables organisations to engage with communities, lives and situations that may not be linked to us, to provide assistance and create positive change and therefore, have a broader impact.

Q: Do you believe that CSR will continue to be an important attribute given the ground realities?

We are quite confident that it will be. The current situation now more than ever requires organisations to join, and help wherever and however they can.

But of course, it is hard for businesses as well. We are all struggling to merely take care of our own people but CSR cannot take a backseat. Even if you have to do a little less, it’s important to continue doing what you can. If every business does this, the people who are most in need will receive the support they require.