Senior Station of Colombo Celebrates Aruvdu

28, 4, 2023, Colombo: The Senior Station of Colombo celebrated its annual Aruvdu festival at the Ladies College Vocational Training Institute on Tuesday (25). The members of the senior station took part in the traditions of welcoming the new year.

The Senior Station organizers conducted games in which the members enthusiastically participated, and indulged in some delicious spread of Lankan food and sweets. The Senior Stations wants its members to be fit, healthy, happy and feel at home. Every event and activity is a perfect way of doing it. For the past few years the Aruvudu couldn’t be celebrated and this time, the celebrations were a must.

The Senior Station currently host over 30 members and has been in operation since 2018, the organization strives to work to engage as many elders as possible, giving them love, care and family beside their homes.

The Senior Station is run by trustees Asamptha Perera, Nisreen Jafferjee, Shenaz Nathani, Nisrin Jafferjee, Nadira Adamally Ummulbanin Caderbhoy and Farida Lukmanjee, who find purpose in the cause to support and uplift the elders of the society.

We started The Senior Station because we saw a need for senior citizens to stay engaged and not feel forgotten or marginalized. Each week at The Senior Station we remind our members that age is just a number, and each day is worth looking forward to because many care for them.”

The Senior Station has been in operation since 2018 and the first session was held on the 16th of January of the same year. The hallmark of its program is the warmth and care given by the organisers to its members. In difficult times and during the pandemic, the work didn’t stop, the programs were moved online where it was made easy to reach out to each member. That social connection is the true success of The Senior Station.

The members at the Senior Station celebrating Aruvdu

Trustee and organizers: Asamptha Perera, Nisreen Jafferjee, Shenaz Nathani, Nisrin Jafferjee, Nadira Adamally and Ummulbanin Caderbhoy