Sri Lanka retains top spot among Lonely Planet travel destinations 

Sri Lanka remains the best country to visit in 2019 despite the recent terrorist attacks that shook the nation, according to Lonely Planet.

However, tourists have been advised to check the travel advisories of their respective governments before travelling to the island nation.

Lonely Planet stated that “Sri Lanka is a country generally appreciative of tourism, after all the petite country has endured its fair share of hardship and the attacks in April 2019 just added to the list … The country has been upset but continues to be an incredible place to visit. It still tops our Best in Travel for 2019.”

This came as a major boost to Sri Lanka’s tourism industry with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe commenting: “Some thought that Sri Lanka will lose the status it gained as the top tourist destination after the Easter Sunday attacks but it was not the case as Lonely Planet recognised the hospitable nature of our people.”