Singer’s Money Back Guarantee offer boost Huawei customer confidence

With the assurance given by Singer Sri Lanka PLC, the authorized national distributor of Huawei smartphones and tabs Sri Lanka’s number one growing smartphone brand Huawei, has recorded positive sales performance within a few days of the announcement of Singer Sri Lanka’s Money Back offer. According to company sources the demand has increased significantly with record breaking sales in a few days.

Huawei grew rapidly to become the world’s largest and leading ICT Company and also became the number one smartphone brand in Sri Lanka in 2018. Huawei entered into the Sri Lankan smartphone market in 2012 by establishing their digital media channels with Singer Sri Lanka PLC. Ever since then and up until now, the brand has grown from strength to strength. Through the win-win partnership Huawei has succeeded in gaining wider coverage with over 2800 dealers through 430 Singer retail outlets islandwide. Singer has been instrumental in acknowledging the many benefits of owning a Huawei smartphone whilst extending their distributing arm to almost every major town in the country.

“Huawei is an appealing and innovative brand in the current smartphone market and we were pleased to ally with it for the Money Back Guarantee offer, which consumers have delightedly come forth to experience, evident by the significant rise of sales in Huawei smartphones. Huawei has always given a remarkable competition to its challengers and emerged a champion in novel innovation and creativity,” commented Jagath Perera Director Operations of Singer Sri Lanka PLC.

Singer Sri Lanka is the authorized national distributor for Huawei smartphones, tabs and other accessories for Sri Lankan smartphone users. The partnership between the two companies was cemented in the year 2012 and Singer has been influential in boosting Huawei and its products across the country reaching a larger number of customers through its widely spread distribution network.

He further added, “Sri Lankans have always embraced new technology and trends that Huawei has introduced to the market. The offers that we have presented to our consumers have had a highly positive outcome which is reflected by the current sales rise. We are proud to say that Huawei smartphone sales have returned to its peak and progressing facing each challenge on its own merit.”

Huawei also consistently focuses on offering innovative and trendy smartphone options to suit every type of customer. Their dedicated introduction of a number of smartphone series of good quality, made available at affordable prices is one of the key pointers towards their success, not just locally but globally as well. Huawei envisages the need for innovation and continues to incorporate leading technological breakthroughs into their smartphones.

Singer Sri Lanka is presently the number one smartphone marketer in the country.Within a short period, Singer’s Digital Media channels have grown and evolved to become the undisputed leader in the market. Singer Sri Lanka’s trusted partnership, unique sales approach, coupled with aggressive marketing strategies and brand innovation has escalated Huawei to reach the pinnacle in a highly competitive market.