Wellness in Motion : Spa Ceylon to celebrate Global Wellness Month in June

This June, Spa Ceylon will mark Global Wellness Day with the launch the #MyWellnessGoals campaign highlighting the importance of active lifestyles to achieve optimum health & wellness.

Global Wellness Day was first celebrated in Turkey in 2012- six years later it is globally accepted as the day dedicated to the awarenessof healthierlivingfor a better life, regardless of country or culture. Global Wellness Day is on Sunday, 9 June this year and will be celebrated in more than 100 countries in 5000 locations. This social project has one simple message- live well for a more fulfilling life. Living well manifests in various aspects of lifestyle- diet, sleep, exercise, environment and mental health.

In Sri Lanka Spa Ceylon is the iconic wellness brand celebrated for its commitment to health and well-being. The #MyWellnessGoals campaign is looking for calls for action from Sri Lankans on how they will commit to wellness- be it drinking more water, getting more exercise, or even recycling responsibly.

“Wellness is ingrained in the very DNA of what we do,” says Shalin Balasuriya, Co-Founder of Spa Ceylon. “Over the entire month of June we’ll get the opportunity to really embrace our commitment to this idea of wellness by taking the message across the country. We’re encouraging this commitment to setting wellness goals at both personal level, and via larger community minded initiatives like the in-store recycling project. We look forward to engaging with like minded Sri Lankans.”

Spa Ceylon will also conduct an instore wellness initiative to help customers recycle responsibly – offering discounts to those who droptheir used plastic bottles at the recycling boxes available at its signature stores and spas to be recycled. To incentivize this effort, discounts will be offered to those making contributions at the store.

Spa Ceylon has also partnered with Shangri-La Hotels Colombo and Hambantota to host a series of exclusive, invitees-only wellness related events such as yoga, de-stress art therapy and sleep therapy to promote wellness among communities, thoughout the month of June. Hosted by Spa Ceylon, these events will feature experts in the field and will be complemented by a selection of Spa Ceylon products that assist in active wellness.

The Spa Ceylon Story

Founded in May 2009 by Shiwantha Dias and ShalinBalasuriya, ‘Spa Ceylon’ has fast become a dynamic force in the global luxury wellness sector and has taken its luxury Ayurveda brand to the world, with a global presence of morec than 70 branded stores and spas situated in Ginza Tokyo, Japan; Melbourne, Australia; Singapore; Seoul & Ulsan in Korea; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Istanbul, Turkey; Mumbai, Chennai, Goa & Hyderabad in India; Karachi, Pakistan, the Maldive Islands, Cypress and across Sri Lanka. Spa Ceylon also operates in Kiev Ukraine & the USA.

Spa Ceylon captures the romance of old Ceylon combined with ancient Ayurveda wisdom to create their range of majestic spa rituals and royal spa formulae designed to soothe, calm and relax the body, mind and soul. Spa Ceylon now produces over 450 all-natural Ayurveda inspired personal care, wellness and home aroma products. Their complete range comprises prestige skin, body, bath, scalp and hair care preparations, oils, balms & potions, home aroma blends, candles, diffusers, incense, herbal infusions and teas, handmade stoneware, bath accessories & a range of tropical resort wear.