Rochelle Bibile

In conversation with Ruwandi Perera

Wanted to be
An author

An artist 

Alma mater
Ladies’ College

Family members
My husband Hiran Bibile

Favourite day of the week
None in particular because every day is a gift for which I’m thankful

Worst day of the week
Each week is different so it’s very hard to pick one day

Three must-haves
A pen, a notebook and good music!

Three ‘would like to haves’
A cat, an art studio and a never-ending travel budget!

Mantra to unwind
A good cup of tea

Favourite colour
Turquoise is my favourite colour because it reminds me of the sea

Is driven in
A Kia Cerato

Would like to drive
A tuk-tuk – it looks like it might be so much fun to drive!

Happy place
Wherever my husband is

Favourite chill out
At home

Cook or foodie – pick one
Neither – I forget to eat sometimes!

Favourite food

Favourite drink

Three hobbies
Writing, listening to music and watching videos on YouTube

Three pet peeves
Arrogance, disrespect and discrimination

Likes to play

Likes to watch
Rugby or basketball – mainly when my husband plays!

The glass is half full or half empty
Always half full!

Most unforgettable event
My wedding

Most forgettable event
Probably the time I forgot my lines while performing in a school play

Favourite local destination

Favourite overseas destination

Ideal romantic date or outing
A walk on the beach to watch the sunrise or sunset

Three items on the bucket list for the next six months
To create, connect and collaborate with people and businesses, both locally and internationally, through my design based business

Three items on the bucket list following retirement
To travel back to my favourite destinations with my extended family, give back to the community and write a book

Quality or quantity
Always quality – especially when it comes to time

Work or play after retirement
I believe there must be a good balance of both

Likely retirement destination
Sri Lanka – because there’s simply no place like home

Obsessed with
Anything art or design related!

Purpose in life
To use one’s gifts wisely and live life to the fullest whilst helping others along the way

Happiness in a few words
Happiness is being content with who you are and enjoying the season you’re in

Favourite song
Hey Jude (by The Beatles) – for its music, history, and how it brings people from different backgrounds, ages and cultures together

Favourite movie
Grease – because it’s a classic from the music to the 1950s style 

Best actor
Johnny Depp

Best singer
My dad

Favourite author
Joyce Meyer

Favourite local sportsperson
Kumar Sangakkara – for his humility

Favourite international sportsperson
Serena Williams – for her drive, passion and persistence

Favourite local statesperson
No one in particular

Favourite international statesperson
No one in particular

Colombo in a few words
A place with endless possibilities and opportunities

Sri Lanka in a few words
A paradise island nation rich in history and culture

The world in one or two words
Becoming borderless

Role model
There is no single role model because I’m inspired by many people from different places and cultures

Most used word or phrase
Ok? (after most sentences!)

Herself in a few words
Hardworking and daring 

Motto in life
“Life is 10 percent what you make it and 90 percent how you take it.” – Irving Berlin

Rochelle is the Chief Bakamuna and CEO of Bakamuna