NDB Celebrates World Environment Day

NDB celebrated ‘World Environment Day’ with a series of Environmental Education programmes in schools, under its Corporate Social Responsibility banner.

These programmes implemented in partnership with the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka addressed the prevailing environmental issues in our nation with an emphasis on plastic pollution.

“World Environment Day” is the UN’s flagship day for promoting awareness and action for the environment. Over the years it has grown to become a global “Platform for Action”. The theme for 2018 is, “Beat Plastic Pollution” and it is a call for individuals to realise the severity of using plastic in daily life and to take action in mitigating the damage caused to the environment.

Plastic usage has become a way of life and the majority depends on plastic for their daily needs. Most of the plastic used is disposable or single use, which means it is non-renewable and its manufacture and destruction exposes individuals and environment to many toxins, including carcinogens. Furthermore, most of it is disposed of improperly, causing immense damage to the environment. Sadly some of it ends up in the bellies of animals and fish. This has become a threat to many species and we increasingly hear of whales, elephants, turtles etc. perishing due to consumption of plastic.

The key to mitigating this problem in the long term is by raising awareness and changing attitudes and behaviour patterns through ‘Environmental Education’.

It is with this understanding that the Bank selected ‘Environmental Education’ as its conservation tool since it is well-known as a conservation intervention designed to change the attitudes and behaviour of recipients. When conservation education is aimed at children, the rationale is that children influence the attitudes of their parents, who will consequently change their behaviour. Therefore it is with this long term vision that the Bank continues to educate students, with the objective of increasing knowledge, leading to improved attitudes, thus potentially changing behaviour.

The programmes were also a call to action, where the Bank and WNPS officials sat down with the students in the Schools Nature Clubs and discussed and planned several eco-projects. The overall objective of the Bank is to create awareness as well as encourage students to be ‘Green Champions’ and take action to conserve the environment they live in. Students who are active in their Nature Clubs were also taken on a filed visit to the Wilpattu National Park, where the Park Rangers gave an enlightening lecture on the Park, how it evolved, the type of vegetation, animals and the importance of conserving our National Heritage.

The programme was held on ‘World Environment Day’ at Holy Family Convent Bambalapitiya for over 400 students.  World Environment Day is a call for action for each individual to take responsibility to protect and preserve their environment.

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