The Singer brand was introduced to the Sri Lankan market in 1877, commencing operations as a sewing machine manufacturing company. And today, Singer (Sri Lanka) is recognised as one of the pioneers in the consumer durables market with an array of local and global brands.

It lays claim to a portfolio of more than 600 electronic items and 1,200 home appliances from over 50 globally reputed brands.

With 430 retail outlets encompassing Singer and Singer Mega showrooms, 350 dealer points and a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform (, Singer continues to establish its reach and salience in the market.

To provide consumers with a satisfactory post-purchase experience, it also operates 15 regional service centres supported by over 340 service agents.

Throughout its 144 years in operation, Singer has continued to be a brand for the people with the vision to elevate and enrich the lifestyle of all Sri Lankans by making ‘Aspirations Accessible’ for consumers from all walks of life.

The company’s greatest strength has been its brand heritage. Long held core values and the trust that has ensued over generations have enabled the brand to expand its operations from sewing machine manufacturing to become a key player in Sri Lanka’s consumer durables market.

At the same time, heritage does not necessarily mean consumers will remain loyal to the end of times.

Commenting on this, Singer’s Marketing Director Shanil Perera says: “As a brand, Singer is aware that it cannot attain longevity in a market by depending on the brand heritage it has built in spite of how rich and strong it may be. On the contrary, we believe it’s imperative that the brand evolves with ever-changing market dynamics, and consumer expectations and behaviour.”

In addition to maintaining its brand heritage, Singer also explores ways to harness it and remain competitive through strategies such as product innovation and price promotions.

“On identifying the recent developments in consumer behavioural patterns, we now strive to provide customers a truly seamless omni-channel shopping experience,” Perera reveals.

Demonstrating resilience and agility amid challenging macroeconomic conditions, Singer realigned its marketing activities, adapting to changes in consumer behaviour; and it fared well despite the obstacles. Fundamentally, the brand has shifted its focus to digital mediums and e-commerce solutions over the last 12-18 months.

Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, Singer strives to enhance user experiences and deliver value additions to various aspects of consumers’ lifestyles while maintaining market excellence.

Brands should be empathetic and look to get closer to the consumer, consequently increasing brand engagement. Singer has ensured this by connecting with consumers on a personal level.

A people powered brand, it has an extensive target audience across all socioeconomic classifications and age groups around the country, with a portfolio that offers a product for anyone and everyone across a variety of price points, and well managed hire-purchase arrangements that lead to affordability.

The strongest brands are those that have forged strong connections with consumers over time. Singer takes a more targeted and data driven approach, in response to the changes in consumer behaviour and media consumption patterns.

Brands should also strive to enhance the quality of their communications and simultaneously attempt to relate more with the audience.

Singer immerses itself in the brand-consumer relationship where the brand is humanised in the minds of consumers and therefore, provides symbolic value that extends beyond merely utilitarian benefits.

While salience contributes to brand equity, the company strives to be differentiated and meaningful to consumers.

Furthermore, Singer believes that the brand must evolve with changing market dynamics – it endeavours to continue delivering a superior product offering and service to win the hearts of consumers. Being crowned ‘People’s Brand of the Year’ at the SLIM People’s Awards for 15 consecutive years is proof of this and truly reflects the brand’s market position in Sri Lanka.

Setting the benchmark even higher, it aims to reach even bigger and more ambitious targets in the future.

For any heritage brand, accepting that it needs to evolve is the first and hardest step in future proofing. However, Singer has been successful in the past; and it has embarked on a new and exciting journey to evolve as a future ready brand.

Shanil Perera
Marketing Director