Lanka Hospitals is an internationally accredited tertiary care hospital that delivers quality, dependable healthcare. It offers the full spectrum of basic, intermediate and tertiary medical/surgical services that are on par with international standards. A well-established, fully fledged private hospital, Lanka Hospitals is equipped with all necessary resources including over 300 beds and more than 950 registered consultant specialists. The hospital’s use of cutting-edge technology and commitment to excellence in compliance has made it possible to maintain its position as a leader in healthcare for two decades.

Q: Lanka Hospitals is known for its excellence in service… So how do you ensure a healthy work culture?
A: We aspire to serve the community by offering the best healthcare services at an affordable cost in keeping with our vision and mission. We always motivate our staff by educating them on the importance of their roles and have thereby paved the way for them to be passionate about the responsibility of discharging their duties. And we continue to foster the culture of customer centricity under all circumstances.

Moreover, the accolades that our organisation has received over time in recognition of our commitment to customer service has been a motivating factor in nurturing a healthy work culture, which in turn has helped us to be the most loved hospital in the private sector.

Deepthi Lokuarachchi
Group Chief Executive Officer

Lanka Hospitals is established on a foundation of humanity, and any new employee who joins the organisation soon acquires this sense of empathy and service expectations.

It is this attitude that has made Lanka Hospitals one of the most accepted healthcare brands in Sri Lanka.

Q: As a leading corporate in the hospital sector, how do you discharge your responsibilities during the ongoing economic crisis?
A: According to US politician and diplomat Mike Mansfield: “The crisis you have to worry about most is the one you don’t see coming.” Well in advance, we foresaw the likely adverse conditions in the macroeconomic scenario. As a result, we prepared contingency plans and resourced the hospital to meet any eventuality under extreme conditions.

So far, the strategy we have rolled out has created conditions conducive to our operations and we’re glad that these are now continuing full-scale without having to face shortages and interruptions. We are also confident that the supply chains we’ve established will help us to conduct our operations as usual in the future.

Q: How does your organisation view the concept of ‘responsible business’ during the pandemic?
A: Our strategies and actions plans are usually derived as a response to external factors that can be a concern or challenge. Lanka Hospitals was the first private entity to recognise the demand for COVID19-related treatments and fearlessly offered a helping hand to those affected.

With our well trained and qualified team of health care practitioners, we fearlessly stood at the forefront in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. We strongly believe that we’ve done our duty by society in this sphere – firstly, by being innovative and introducing unorthodox, out of box solutions in dealing with the issues of the pandemic.

The creation of an 800 bed capacity under our umbrella in a short time span with full controls employed to prevent the risk of transmissions was the first step in our response plan. This later turned into a mega platform to save many lives of our countryfolk.

More importantly, we have now acquired the know-how to deal with any similar future issues.

Q: How important is a national perspective for businesses in the present context – and why?
A: The importance of a national viewpoint cannot be overstated since it directs our attention to societal demands. As a result, the hospital is in a position to meet the needs of the country.

On account of our thorough risk assessments, we’ve identified important hazards and demands; and in most cases, we tackle these issues efficiently.

As a medical facility, we have discovered that – at our very heart – we’re humanitarians. Lanka Hospitals has a relatively inexpensive pricing plan. It is one of the strengths in carrying out our duties.

Lanka Hospitals has a cautiously realistic perspective about thecountry’s ongoing difficulties. It continues to earn the trust ofall by facing hurdles like a champion athlete – ever so ready toovercome with well thought out strategies. Its infrastructureand our people are the key strengths that drive its growth.


Three recommendations to revive Sri Lanka’s economy
Take all measures that are absolutely crucial and necessary, identifying priority areas such as tourism to boost dollar income. Resolving the issues of that sector should take precedence over all other considerations.
Create conditions conducive to receive migrant worker income by building the confidence levels of those workers to repatriate their hard-earned money to Sri Lanka by assuring them that such investments are safe.
Turn the brain drain into ‘brain gain’ by attracting erudite, patriotic Sri Lankan expats to guide us in overcoming the national crisis.

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