Sri Lanka’s Yala to see entry of Spanish hotel venture 

Putus Brother’s Sustainable Developments signed an agreement with the Board of Investment (BOI) of Sri Lanka to construct and operate a hotel project comprising 43 luxury cabanas in Palatupana, Yala.

Representing the BOI was acting chairman Anil Amarasuriya and board member Dr. Nihal Samarappuli, while the Spanish company was represented by directors Narcís Clavell and Jagath Wickramage.

Describing the extent of the US$ 1.6 million project, Clavell and Wickramage stated: “Initially, 15 of these cabanas, which could be considered four-star luxury, would be built. All cabanas would have an individual swimming pool and also a sea view.”

Expressing his support and confidence in Sri Lanka’s future, Clavell said: “I would like to encourage all investors and any other visitor to the island, and tell them that Sri Lanka is indeed a wonderful opportunity for investors worldwide. It is important that this positive message is sent out so that the true potential of the country is well-known to all. I am therefore, very confident that Sri Lanka – with its open business culture and investor friendly agencies such as the BOI – will do well.”

“The recent problems are in my view temporary and in the long term, the country will emerge as an attractive hub for tourism and investment,” he assured.