Digital Excellence Conclave and Awards to set the stage for Industry 4.0 transformation in Sri Lanka

Amidst a fast-paced technological revolution, which has pushed the world to increasingly embrace digitalization, the apex body of the ICT industry, the Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS), has set the stage for the country’s first ever Digital Excellence Conclave and Awards which will push companies to embrace disruption, transformation, and digitalization, whilst also paying tribute to organizations which have successfully planned and executed the digital transformation through migrating enterprises from Industry 3.0 to 4.0.

The Digital Excellence Conclave will take on a hybrid format and is expected to be one of the biggest ever digital events ever to be held in Sri Lanka attracting over 800 local and foreign delegates including ICT professionals and business leaders who are looking to take advantage of a myriad of new and revolutionary business opportunities available across the highly competitive ICT landscape, both here and abroad.

The Digital Excellence Awards will recognize top companies for their innovative achievements ranging from digital transformation, business and IT agility, customer centricity, cross-industry partnering and collaboration, as well as product and service innovation. The awards will also recognize organizations making a significant contribution to the acceleration of digital transformation throughout the industry and across the country.

With the successful migration from Industry 3.0 to 4.0 resulting in digital transformation, the Conclave will be an important catalyst in helping steer Sri Lanka future digitalization journey as it will bring together some of the best in the digital business to share their vision and insights with the ultimate aim of helping business leaders across a diverse spectrum successfully transform their organizations digitally.

The event will receive a further boost as it is set to feature prolific speaker and renowned technology entrepreneur Salim Ismail who also formerly served as the Chief Innovation Officer at Yahoo. Ismail, who is the best-selling author of Exponential Organizations will be the keynote speaker and will set the tone of the conclave as he sheds light on exponential organizations, a new breed of businesses scaling 10 times faster than established organizational structures. During his power packed presentation, Ismail will touch on a range of areas from artificial intelligence to biotech, and how disruptive technologies are changing industries by creating new innovations and opportunities.

The Conclave is also expected to be an important platform to identify elements of successful digital transformation and how to assess an organization’s digital maturity, as well as understanding the importance of “doing digital” and “being digital.” Another key feature of the event is the role the industry and how digital transformation can play in supporting Sri Lanka’s long-term vision of building a knowledge-based digital economy. Over 50 digital business leaders are expected to use the event to share their insights on Digital Transformation, Migration of Industry 3.0 to 4.0, and the path to create exponential organizations.

The awards will be broken into several categories, and awards will be presented under Digitized Customer Experience, Digitized Products & Services, Digitized Operations, Digitized Organisation, Fully Transformed Organization, Born Digital Organization and Corporate IT Awards.

A stringent evaluation process will be carried out by an eminent panel of judges comprising of industry specific domain specialists, business leaders, luminaries and visionaries, who will recognise business enterprises for adopting digital technologies which have helped transform them within the ICT landscape, as well as the positive impact such organisations have had not just only in a business perspective, but also how it has helped the community.  

The Digital Excellence Awards will also be a unique opportunity for private and public sector to showcase their digital transformation achievements and how their decision to realign or invest in new technology, or adapt to new business models, and processes has helped them achieve exponential growth.

A key mandate of FITIS is to lead and drive digital transformation in Sri Lanka, whilst moving towards a digital economy and encouraging the private sector, public sector, and citizens towards digitization and digital maturity. FITIS is boosted with a membership of over 200 ICT organizations covering various areas of business.

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Secretary, Ministry of Technology Mr. Jayantha De Silva, Co-Chairman - Digital Transformation Awards, Mr.Dhushy Thillaivasan, Project Chairman - Digital Excellence Awards and Conclave Mr. Fairooz Habeeb and Chairman FITIS, Dr Prasad Samarasinghe