Q: As a renowned brand in the local industrial domain, how would you describe the journey of Fentons?
Hasith Prematillake (HP): Established in 1921 by Herbert Fenton, a British engineer, Fentons counts a proud history of over 100 years of ‘trust & excellence.’ Executing many engineering projects successfully, Fentons has built a reputation as a competent and trusted engineering company in Sri Lanka.

Our team consists of more than 1,000 personnel – they are experienced and specialised in various fields of engineering.

Q: Could you outline the products and services portfolio of the company?
HP: Fentons combines the value of engineering and innovation with adherence to exceptional client service. We ensure that each and every project is completed by our experts whose skills and knowledge meet the challenges of the work involved.

We provide mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) services, security and surveillance solutions, information and communications technology (ICT) solutions, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and battery solutions, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, industrial machinery and construction equipment, and facilities management. Our service offering is augmented by numerous value added services.

Q: What are the global benchmarks when it comes to renewable energy usage?
Roshane Perera (RP): Renewable energy has become a defining feature of the global energy landscape.

A majority of the countries around the world have adopted at least one type of renewable energy target – Sri Lanka has come aboard the global shift with an ambitious target of generating 70 percent of power from clean energy by 2030.

To reach this target, we need to consider demand growth, conduct economic analyses, anticipate development that will take place and forecast trends to prepare such a plan in line with government policies.

A critical requirement of electricity generation is upgrading the transmission network and identifying potential resources that could be used to meet demand over the years. We must also keep in mind that renewable energy is purely dependent on weather conditions and there will be variations in inflows.

To accommodate these variations, the country should be equipped with advanced technologies and upgraded systems to a smart grid and demand response (DR) concept, battery storage, pump storage and floating solar panels within major hydropower reserves among others. If each region is equipped with such systems instead of the conventional electrical set up, these measures will facilitate increases in renewable energy capacity.

Q: And how would you describe Fentons’ contribution when it comes to renewable energy?
RP: Aligning with the government’s renewable energy goals, Hayleys Solar by Hayleys Fentons is committed to make Sri Lanka’s electricity sector greener. Solar energy in Sri Lanka is among the preferred sources due to an abundance of sunlight, given our location not far from the equator.

Hayleys Solar offers end-to-end solar power systems across Sri Lanka by providing the best technical solutions in a customer friendly manner. In addition, we provide facilities to obtain solar loans and warranties of up to 25 years for our solar power systems.

We source our PV panels from Global Tier 1 manufacturers and inverters from some of the best known brands in the world, resulting in a complete Solar PV system of the highest quality at affordable prices. Since 2011, Hayleys Solar has installed over 75 MW worth of rooftop and ground mounted solar projects around the country.

HP: Since the energy sector is dynamic and ever evolving, it is crucial for companies to review and reevaluate their strategies.

At present, our main focus is expanding the renewable energy sector’s workforce – the true driving force behind any sector. We’re actively hiring fresh graduates and grooming the next generation’s talent pool.

Q: In addition, could you outline some of the key projects the company has undertaken?
RP: Fentons’ Solar engineering team is geared to undertake complex projects from inception and design, and manage projects by engaging with clients in providing customised solutions. This is in keeping with our promise of ‘trust & excellence’.

We’re proud to have commenced several turnkey projects in the field of renewable energy in Sri Lanka.

Within the Hayleys Group and Vallibel One group, we have completed over 10 MW of solar panel installations on each group, while Fentons’ projects with Coca-Cola, MAS, Brandix and Camso Loadstar are among our notable projects, in addition to John Keells Holdings, ACL, CBL, S-lon Lanka and more.

We have also established countless solar power systems for households and commercial buildings.

Q: And what are Fentons’ plans in terms of new products and services?
RP: Fentons places a heavy emphasis on the value of engineering and innovation, and is always on the look out to offer cutting-edge solutions to clients.

We are in the process of introducing battery systems for energy storage coupled with solar power systems, which are popularly known as Hybrid Systems. In the future, we want to introduce alternative energy sources like hydrogen technology, which could provide cleaner and cheaper energy to Sri Lanka.

Hasith Prematillake
Managing Director

Roshane Perera
Executive Director
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