Q: Social media has brought many insecurities in regard to physical appearances. What is your take of this?

A: Influencers and celebrities on social media have set high standards where appearances are concerned by altering their faces by the use of various filters smoothing out every pore, changing the shape of their eyes, enhancing the size of their lips and so on.

Those who fail to see the artificiality in such profiles compare themselves to personalities – and insecurities could easily stem from such comparisons. This may be one of the main reasons why social media, depression and anxiety issues tend to be connected.

At Christell Luxury Wellness, we believe that no one should feel like they have to look a certain way or be someone else – everyone is worth more than a picture.

We encourage and provide the necessary assistance for clients to embrace their natural beauty, and help them be content with simply being who they are. Through these efforts, thousands of clients have found a renewed sense of self-confidence.

Q: Going back to 2014, what motivated the formation of Christell Luxury Wellness – and where does it stand today
A: Founded together with Prof. Ramani Arsecularatne seven years ago, the Christell Luxury Wellness combines more than 30 years of cosmetology experience with modern technological knowledge and cosmetic medical expertise. We take pride in being Sri Lanka’s first clinic to take such an initiative.

Christell has two state-of-the-art clinics in Sri Lanka, employing over 50 full-time staff including specialist cosmetologists, medical doctors and nurses who have helped thousands of clients to date.

Q: What is the clinic’s target market and what is your assessment of the opportunities in the market at this time?
A: Christell Luxury Wellness caters to a client portfolio of all ages and we have had the privilege of serving people from all walks of life – including VIPs, ambassadors, expatriates and prominent political figures in the country. In fact, some clients fly to Sri Lanka for our treatments and therapies.

No matter who you are, what your age is or where you’re from, we will accompany you through all stages of life and ensure that you face the world with confidence.

Q: And what do you consider to be the main challenges in the field of cosmetology in the local context?
A: There are a number of challenges at present. Due to the lack of legislation in the cosmetology sector, even people who aren’t qualified could establish their own clinic, resulting in failed promises more often than not.

The constant changes in import regulations is another challenge. We import most of our equipment and cosmeceuticals from credible manufacturers across the globe to offer clients the best possible experience. With added taxes, the cost of our products can be quite high compared to what’s on offer at subpar clinics.

Clients should keep in mind that when it comes to selecting dermatology and cosmetic care solution providers, the decision shouldn’t be based on cost alone. It is important to ensure that your physician adheres to the medical code of conduct when performing cosmetic procedures and that you are assured of complete safety.

Q: How would you describe the market in the context of competition – and what strategies does Christell Luxury Wellness use to stay ahead?
A: Cosmetic care services in the country are growing rapidly and Christell Luxury Wellness is proud to be a pioneer in this market.

There has been a boom in this segment over the last few years and it is our firm belief that competition is essential for the growth of any industry. We at the clinic are constantly on the lookout for the next best product or service that can be offered to clients.

To this end, we offer a personalised, noninvasive menu of scientifically proven procedures from modest Botox to exclusive dermal therapies, and laser skin rejuvenation treatments to nonsurgical body contouring and toning.

Keeping pace with international standards, we strive to ensure the best results with guaranteed safety in line with the latest US FDA approved technologies and treatments.

In addition, our clinic has been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification and is positioned as the first cosmetic dermatology centre in the country to have implemented the internationally recognised system.

Q: And last but not least, what’s on the horizon for Christell Luxury Wellness?
A: Offering a holistic portfolio of skin, hair and body care treatments along with therapy through Ayurvedic treatments and integrative medicine, we aspire to be one of the top wellness and cosmetic clinics in South Asia.

Christell Luxury Wellness is set to open its third centre with the newest equipment and latest procedures to encourage the public to enhance their natural beauty.

We are continuously looking to expand our world-class noninvasive aesthetic medical treatments; and we have hired more therapists and consultants, who are trained and qualified to meet the growing demand.

– Compiled by Isanka Perera
Dr. Shanika Arsecularatne
Aesthetic Medicine and Anti Aging Specialist
Telephone:7499299/0776 499299