Q: How critical is it to promote an environment that welcomes and values diversity in the workplace?
A: The management of Certis Lanka is proud and privileged that three of its companies –Certis Lanka Security Solutions, Home Nursing and Swift Care, and Secure Logistics have been recognised as Sri Lanka’s Best Workplaces for the fifth, third and second consecutive years respectively.

Workplace diversity refers to a diverse workforce in terms of colour, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, physical ability and other demographics. It helps break down nega-tive stereotypes and personal prejudices against other groups. Furthermore, cultural diversity allows us to recognise and respect ways of being that are not always our own so that when we connect with others, we can build trust, respect and understanding across cultures.

Employee engagement, productivity and the ability to solve problems are all improved when there are diverse teams. This is due to the fact that varied points of view often approach business challenges in creative ways.

Q: Certis Lanka believes in and practises workplace diversity, resulting in a healthy working environment. What are the main components of a great workplace?
A: A great workplace will genuinely care about its people. Fairness is essential to establishing a good work atmosphere. And since people greatly value fairness, employees should always be treated fairly. Moreover, managers must demonstrate compassion for workers by listening to them, and express their concern and gratitude too.

Management should support top-down and bottom-up communication channels to enhance teamwork and collaboration. And employers need to consider their employees’ professional development by discussing their career goals and providing them with training in those areas.

Q: What is the role of senior management in promoting an open and engaging culture?
A: Certis Lanka treats its employees with dignity since each and every one of them is a precious human resource that must be developed, nourished and valued. We connect with our employees, listen to their ideas, implement them and make them feel appreciated. We also make sure that good work is recognised.

Workers in many organisations frequently complain that while they never fail to hear criticism, recognition for a job well done is hard to come by. Praise should be freely given in your business because it motivates the workforce and endears them to the firm.

Another feature we implement at Certis Lanka is encouraging collaboration over competition. Staff support and help each other in good times and bad rather than participate in cutthroat rivalry.

Q: Is organisational agility a priority in your workplace – if so, what measures have been taken to ensure this?
A: In a fast changing, uncertain and turbulent environment, an organisation’s agility is its capacity to renew itself, adapt, transform and prosper.

During the past two years, Certis Lanka was successful in accomplishing this objective because the company fostered an environment that encouraged collaboration, innovation and growth through the use of technology. In addition, it strengthened ties between management and the workforce.

When it comes to meeting strategic company goals that raise profit margins and increase predictability, there are now more effective solutions available than ever before.

Therefore, Certis Lanka has established integrity, respect and teamwork as its core principles, which are necessary for creating an efficient and successful organisation that can meet the goal of ‘securing your world.’

– Compiled by Fazmina Imamudeen