Tuesday, July 24, 2018, Colombo: The American Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka, will conduct a workshop next week with Carolyn Kerner Stein, an international speaker and executive coach, titled, “Speak Easy – learn how to influence an audience”.

Part of the AMCHAM Workshop Series, this event will focus on teaching participants the ability to speak to an audience, express their ideas, opinions and influence others. It also shows you how to lose stage fright, organize a presentation, then stand and deliver. Other factors that will be included in the program are:

  • Why it is important to be able to express your ideas to an audience
  • Can you express those ideas with power, confidence and credibility
  • How do you overcome fear and nervousness, does it show?
  • How do you craft a presentation so that it is meaningful to your audience
  • What are the verbal, non-verbal signals that can sabotage your speech
  • How can you bridge and interact with your audience
  • What happens when they ask difficult questions
  • How important is the introduction, title, opening, close and humor

This workshop will be held on 31st of July 2018 at the Galle Face Hotel, 2:30pm – 5:00pm and will be sponsored by Vingyana at REEFS.

Carolyn Kerner Stein is an international speaker and executive coach. She has presented her keynotes and seminars throughout the United States, Canada, Southeast Asia, China and New Zealand. She is also the author of Delivering Powerful Speeches, Passport To The Podium, and Don’t Let Age or Disability Stop You. Carolyn has teamed with Karen Gleason Glass for the upcoming release of The Leadership Escalator, a “how to” book for those seeking to elevate their confidence, power and potential.

For more information on registering for this workshop, please contact AMCHAM via or call on 112 300116/7.