Q: How has Samson Rajarata Tiles responded to the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic?
A: Maintaining business continuity during a tumultuous period is a daunting challenge.

Flexible work schedules and rosters were implemented to restrict social interactions while facilitating an uninterrupted production cycle. The management ensured that all employees were fully vaccinated to mitigate the potential risk of an internal outbreak.

Many cost saving projects were implemented to manage the company’s cash flow and voluntary salary cuts were implemented. Leading by example, the directors and senior management agreed to incur the largest share of the cuts that ensued.

Despite the challenges, Samson Rajarata Tiles felt there was a silver lining hidden behind the murky clouds that tormented the global landscape. The imposed import restrictions acted as an ideal opportunity to innovate. To this end, the company capitalised on the fortuity to introduce a range of new innovative products to its portfolio.

We introduced a new range of terracotta tiles during the interlude. Moreover, we looked to redefine sustainable urban gardening by introducing the new concept and brand Pochchi.

Q: How does the company encapsulate its local heritage and culture in its offering?
A: The brand name ‘Rajarata’ encapsulates Sri Lanka’s rich heritage, in my view.

The ancient concept of ‘wewai dagabai’ preached by our ancestors has been interwoven with our culture and heritage throughout the millennia. The decision to establish our factory in the sacred city of Anuradhapura reflects our commitment to paying homage to this proud heritage.

Q: What characteristics differentiate the organisation’s products from others in the market?
A: Quality and integrity – our commitment is to produce the best quality clay tiles in Sri Lanka.

We ensure that our products meet stringent quality control standards and remain committed to providing exceptional after sales services to customers.

This commitment to quality has earned our range of products formidable stakes in the European market over the last 15 years. The gamut of products offered by Samson Rajarata Tiles has earned the SLS 2:2016 quality certification, and we have obtained Green Label certification for manufacturing roofing tiles and bricks.

Q: How crucial is the role of technology in the organisation?
A: Our product lines are manufactured with the use of advanced Japanese technology.

We possess a sophisticated automated production unit to manufacture terracotta products. The Japanese machinery comprises a tunnel kiln that delivers an even distribution of flames to ensure uniform output devoid of variations in colour and technical properties.

Capitalising on dearing wet extrusion and pressing for production, the entire production process maintains a water absorption rate of less than 10 percent.

Moreover, the company has digitalised the systems it uses to process and evaluate the quality of production processes.

Additionally, a plant designed for the sole purpose of dealing with extrusion and forming technologies was modified to accommodate advanced casting technologies to facilitate the development of new pottery products.

Q: And finally, to what extent does Samson Rajarata Tiles prioritise innovation?
A: Its formative years saw Samson Rajarata Tiles specialising purely in its range of roofing tiles. The pandemic ridden period offered new opportunities to innovate, which led to the birth of new products in our portfolio.

The new terracotta floor tiles, wall tiles and facing bricks were some innovations that came about following our team’s innovative efforts.

In addition to the new Pochchi pottery range, the company is poised to enter the new and booming sector of urban gardening with the introduction of new products – viz. grow packs, self-watering spikes, clay and wooden pots, and so on.

We are proud to have been able to popularise the new product range in the global arena shortly after its debut. This led to the generation of foreign currency that the country direly needed.

– Compiled by Randheer Mallawaarachchi
Dilshan Rajapaksa
Telephone:0777 815520