Revolutionising the PVC industry in Sri Lanka

Samson PVC, one of the country’s fastest growing PVC brands, recently introduced Samson Powerguard electrical conduits and trunking, which are made with specially formulated unplasticised polyvinyl chloride in compliance with the SLS 1206:2000 standard.

Now Samson Powerguard is set to revolutionise the PVC industry in Sri Lanka with these products that are manufactured using a specially formulated compound with fire resistant and electrical insulation properties. Samson Powerguard products are easy to install, handle, maintain and facilitate for future expansion.

Samson PVC is a brand of Samson International – a sister company of the renowned DSI Samson Group. Samson International, which was established in 1988, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of polymer base products in Sri Lanka with customers in over 30 countries around the world.

The brand has a fully fledged and integrated islandwide distribution network to provide customers with a fast and effective service. Final products are offered to customers through a wide network of over 40 distribution points and 5,200 plus retail outlets throughout the country.

Production Manager at Samson PVC Himal Jayaranga elaborates: “When compared to other trunking and conduits available in the market, Samson Powerguard has a brilliant white colour that matches with most electrical items in the market.

“Samson Powerguard trunking is easy to fit and the lid can be fixed many times over without any damage. These products are free from burrs, flash and edge, and won’t damage the cables.”
The company has come a long way from its humble beginnings, and is now one of the main players in the PVC pipes and fittings market in Sri Lanka. Samson PVC has obtained many certifications such as SLS 147 for pressure pipes, SLS 659 for fittings, SLS 935 for solvent cement, SLS 993 for conduit pipes and SLS 1206 for cable trunking. These certifications are a testament to the high standard and quality of Samson PVC products.

And the product range includes pressure pipes, non-pressure pipes, fittings, trunking, conduits, garden hoses, rainwater management systems, solvent cement and others such as poly sheets. Samson PVC is also the authorised distributor for JOPEX branded taps and fittings in Sri Lanka.
Speaking about the growth and achievements of the brand, Marketing Manager Nishantha Abeygunawardana notes: “Samson PVC is one of the fastest growing PVC brands in Sri Lanka with a rapidly expanding distribution network covering the whole country. We continue to offer high quality products at affordable prices even during these difficult times. Meanwhile, we are widening our market presence by continuously appointing new distributors and hardware shops. The secret to our success has been product quality and customer service.”

Following the footprints, Samson PVC aspires to redefine boundaries and revolutionise the industry through innovation and quality as it aims to be the best among the best.

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