BY Priyan Rajapaksa

Donald, you remind me very much of my grandmother. Like you, she had an imaginary fiefdom and a feudal mind. She was against the emancipation of domestic aides and the joke among our family was that ‘good things are bad for servants.’

Had you studied the interactions of Western powers in the East, you’d find it easier to understand China. Since the Aryan invasion of the subcontinent 4,000 years ago and the Chinese ruling system of 2,000 years back, us Easterners have perfected the art of class distinctions.

We had and continue to have a perfectly operating social system that keeps the majority of the people where they should be – downtrodden. Long before the nouveau-riche of Wall Street, and the one percent and 99 percent, we had 0.02 percent and 99.8 percent.

When the fair skinned Aryans invaded India, they drove the existing darker skinned locals to the south. And they installed a new social order based on the most obvious difference – skin colour.

The Aryans had mastered governance by skin colour and social divisions long before this ‘equal rights’ nonsense. If one gives the coloured folk or peasants equal rights, who will do the menial work? They will become uppity and maybe even dare to riot.

As documented by Asif Hussein in Zeylanica, at the very top of the pyramid were the priestly Brahmins, classified as ‘white’ or Sita, followed by the Kshatriya (‘red’ or Lohita) and Vaishya (‘yellow’ or Pitaka). At the bottom were the original inhabitants the Shudras (‘black’ or Asita).

Between 1500 and 1800 AD, the subcontinent was subjugated by ‘palefaces’ and its economies plundered. When the Europeans drained our nations, they went further East for more plunder – and in hindsight, that was a serious misjudgement on their part.

It was Napoleon who said that “China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep for when she wakes, she will move the world.”

However, greed and a superiority complex drew all Western powers to Japan and China. Led by traders after the cream to control markets, they were ably supported by the fifth column of preachers who swept up the crumbs. The clergy subverted the minds of millions of starving peasants, selling them heaven and squeezing weekly offerings from empty purses.

The Western education system, a parliament and Abraham Lincoln’s concept of ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people’ was not a good idea for people you want to control, Donald. Not that you or your people believe in it either – after all, the one percent continue to run your country!

What’s more, the supposed empowerment of the masses caused pandemonium on Eastern cultures that depended on the masses being servile. To us, social distancing did not arise from the pandemic; rather, it’s endemic.

Westerners went East and forced those countries to trade at gunpoint – ‘gunboat diplomacy’ as it was called. So it’s not fair to suddenly turn around and call them the ‘yellow peril.’

Then some 30 years ago, the West became truly lazy. Donald, you thought you could teach peasants in China to use machinery, and produce the cars your people make in Detroit and what your tech workers do in Silicon Valley – make chips.

Bad mistake, Donald. Today, these guys whom you viewed as the help have done what all empowered servants do – rise above their station in life and climb on your shoulders.

They have used Western machinery to venture to the moon and build phone companies such as Huawei. After providing the machinery and knowledge, it makes you look silly to claim that they stole your technology.

Any Easterner would have told you that one gives a chauffeur only the keys to one’s car – one does not give the car to them. If one empowers servants, first they think they’re equal and soon after, they may climb on your head. Tut-tut. We can’t have that in a world dominated by the ‘civilised nations’ can we?

By about 2050, one billion Chinese will overtake 300 million Americans. It’s simply a case of numbers. The closer the date of dominance, the more uppity they will become. They have swapped junks for aircraft carriers and kites for supersonic aircraft.

And they’ve made the Indian Ocean the ‘West China Sea’ – and drat, are digging harbours and laying down airports in our back garden!

Snubs will not be tolerated; I speak from experience. One of our kings snubbed the Chinese in the 1400s and they kidnapped the guy. Today, they are back again and have Sri Lanka by the short and curlies.

Donald, the real danger is that the Chinese refer to themselves as the ‘Middle Kingdom’ and think that they’re the centre of the universe. Those who are not from the Middle Kingdom are deemed to be barbarians.

Personally, as a merchant, you would be considered lower than a peasant as your riches come from other people’s work.

If the Chinese treat you with half the disrespect with which you treated them, you can count yourself lucky. Oh Donald! You should have read about Napoleon and met grandmother Cecily Mariah.