The brand-new, tech­no­logically advanced laboratory that Nawa­loka Care has estab­lished can now be found in the city of Homa­gama too. This lab, like all the others that Nawaloka Care manages, will be fitted with the most advanced and cutting-edge technology that’s currently in the market. Patients will benefit from a higher degree of convenience as a result of the centralised location of all diagnostic services in the facility.

Patients can use the drive-in facility at the Premier Centre’s lab to have their tests including PCR and antigen testing conducted. The PCR analysis can yield findings in as little as six hours and any of the Nawaloka Care affiliated laboratories will provide customers with timely
PCR results.

In addition to clinical pathology and histology, the principal laboratory in Negombo is equipped with the capacity to conduct molecular testing, microbiological testing, haematology testing, biochemistry testing and specific chemical testing capabilities.

Patients will now be able to access a vast array of additional and important medical services that are provided by the laboratory. In an effort to make the process less intrusive, lab technicians will collect samples for testing while customers are seated in their vehicles. This allows them to remain in their familiar environment while the samples are being taken.

The laboratory is fully equipped with every piece of machinery needed to ensure that each and every test is carried out in a secure, accurate and convenient manner in accordance with
all relevant regulations. It is completely operational with all the resources that are required to guarantee that the time spent obtaining assistance will be time well spent for the customer.

Additional value added services including Express Lab and Medi Express are available to any patient who requires these facilities. Not only patients of Nawaloka Care but others too can make use of these services. Express Lab provides mobile labo­ra­tory testing while Medi Express is a mobile pharmacy.

The provision of these services falls under the purview of Nawaloka Care. Because mobile providers make it possible for patients to access them without having to leave the comfort of their own homes, the process is made more convenient for all parties involved.

After the sample has been delivered to the lab for testing in a timely manner and
in accordance with predetermi­ned safety standards, the patient is informed of the results within a few hours.

Patients can save both time and money by having their prescription medications delivered directly to their homes via any of the affiliated pharmacies. After a consumer has shared the doctor’s instructions with the neighbourhood pharmacist over WhatsApp, the pharmacist will deliver the medicines to the customer at home.

Nawaloka Care has been successful in achieving a number of significant goals during its journey towards widening the scope of the work it conducts. One of its aims is to expand the
range of activities that its labo­ratories undertake.

Because of its island-wide expansion, the company can now offer the public better access to a wider range of service options than in the past. These service options include the most recent technological advancements and machinery, a team with extensive skills and specific collections points throughout the country.

Its countrywide network of laboratories comprises more than 1,000 collection centres that are operated by third parties, 47 company owned collection centres, 18 mini-labs, five regional labs and one reference lab. The overall functioning of these labo­ratories is supported by a group of pathology experts who ensure that clients receive high quality care. Nawaloka Care is also present in Chilaw, Wen­nappuwa, Eheliyagoda and Gampaha.

The organisation’s long-term goal is to become a nationally recognised pro­vi­der of health­care
ser­vices, which are unrivalled across the country in terms of both quality and efficiency.

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