EFL 3PL partners with Millennium IT ESP to deliver innovative 3PL solutions

Expert supply chain management is EFL’s forte, driven by its award winning 3PL (Third Party Logistics) solutions, which has a reputation for solutions with extreme agility – most recently demonstrated with a new model initiated for its business with Millennium IT ESP. Through this solution, EFL launched a rapid response service for Millennium IT ESP’s server spare parts operation at its Order Fulfilment Center in Orugodawatte. The spare parts reach Millennium IT ESP’s client locations, catering to their urgent order demands within a matter of two hours alongside a 24/7 operational service.

Millennium IT ESP is Sri Lanka’s leading information systems solutions provider delivering IT solutions across many industries; including banks and finance, telecommunications, apparel and leading conglomerates – clients that regularly require upgrades and maintenance on servers and relevant spare parts. EFL’s highly customizable 3PL solution was developed on request by Millennium IT ESP, which was looking to resolve troubleshooting issues quickly in a cost-efficient manner.

A complex requirement, owing to the nature of the business and the requirement of extremely quick response time, benefited Millennium IT ESP with a simple solution enabled by EFL’s sophisticated portfolio of 3PL products. The EFL team reengineered the backend process utilizing advanced technology and modern infrastructure to provide a simplistic solution.

The execution process is simple. When a client has an issue or concern, an engineer from Millennium IT ESP visits the site to identify the need. As EFL already has inventory visibility for Millennium IT ESP through its Tier One Warehouse Management System (WMS) HighJump, the engineer logs in to the system, checks the inventory and communicates the order (part and item numbers) to the EFL account holder. EFL then picks the order and delivers it to the client’s location within a short window of time. By providing a better alternative to the existing in-house model with real time visibility to on-field resources, EFL has enabled the high value cargo to be located in a highly secure and compliant modern warehouse facility controlled for temperature, humidity and access.

“Millennium IT ESP believes in serving customers and partners better with a strengthened purpose and strategy as the agile creator. In line with our purpose, the company was in search of a logistics company that understands and caters to the needs of the future centric business world where service and timing is key. This solution provided by EFL encapsulates the best strategically located infrastructure available for tech cargo services delivered by highly experienced employees. We believe that this would be a differentiator in the levels of service we provide as we continue to reimagine and reinvent organizations in Sri Lanka and the region,” stated Murali Prakash, Director, Millennium IT ESP and Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer Ambeon Capital PLC and Ambeon Holdings PLC.

The HighJump system employed by EFL is the linchpin in this operation as it enables piece-level information to be tracked through the system. The system allows the life cycle of each spare part to be tracked (for example, when it was in-housed, when it was delivered to a client site and brought back to the Hub, etc.) so that Millennium IT ESP can take informed decisions on inventory management.

These agile and customized solutions are enabled through the innovative portfolio of 3PL solutions provided by EFL which includes initial consultancy, design, planning, delivery and reverse logistics options. The company maintains the highest warehousing standards in the country with a focus on using technology to deliver agility, scalability and accuracy. “We love simplifying complex challenges, and Millennium IT ESP’s operation was just that. Millennium IT ESP has been a great partner and we are grateful for the opportunity to work with a team that is open to exploring new ways of managing inventory, and ready to see what they could do to improve their own client experience,” noted Sammy Akbar, Director – 3PL & Freeport of EFL.

“EFL is in the forefront of digitizing logistics. We are happy that we were able to introduce an array of tech solutions like IOT, RPA, analytics, tier one WMS system etc., to facilitate this dynamic operation,” added Leroy Ebert, Chief Growth Officer – 3PL & Freeport of EFL.