Janmesh Antony


Understanding the dynamics of marketers’ influence on consumer behaviour

Marketing profession today
Diverse and dynamic, with a wide range of roles and responsibilities.

Expectations of contemporary marketers
To be on top of all aspects of the profession as the role of product management is becoming increasingly important for many industries and sectors.

Marketers’ evolution
They are becoming more responsible, as well as being key influencers along the entire value chain of products and services.

Modus operandi
Their role has become very complex, requiring them to constantly adapt and evolve their strategies to stay ahead in a dynamic business environment.

Pros and cons
Navigating challenges in business as a marketer is both daunting and exhilarating.

Primary goals
A marketer is responsible for developing and executing strategies to promote brands, products and services.

Ultimate goal
Maximising profits for the business.

Strategic thinking, problem solving, executive ability, influencing, data driven approach, creativity, customer focus, and research and listening skills.

Short-sighted and narrow views that focus only on the business’ needs.

Way forward
Focussing on defining a business, and its products and services, in terms of customers’ needs and wants.

New and emerging customer segments
Multi-platform users, online shoppers, quality and functionality seekers, budget conscious customers, and health and safety conscious consumers.

Emerging trends
Consumer preferences include eco-friendly and sustainably sourced products, and those that promote health and wellbeing.

Consumer behaviour
Increased awareness through social media and the internet, and changes in regulations, have made consumers more aware of what they are purchasing and its contents.

Barriers to the growth of marketing in Sri Lanka
Lack of understanding the scope of marketing and a misconception that it must only generate sales for businesses.

Local vs regional marketing comparison
Regional marketing is akin to local marketing with similar talent levels.

Local vs regional marketing differentiation
Consumers in the regional context are more evolved and aware, leading to occasional differences in campaign and marketing approaches.

Marketing education imperatives
Ensure that industry experts share their experiences, inspiring followers to emulate marketing work done by global brands in other countries and local best practices.

Education pathway
Update the educational content and incorporate more relevant aspects of marketing – especially in areas such as marketing execution.

Areas to explore
The growing realm of marketing that uses digital platforms.

Impact of influencers
Influencers provide an effective way to reach audiences organically with the brand’s message – they’re a means of connecting with consumers.

Marketing plans
Well structured marketing plans are vital for business success, and must include market research, defined target audiences and competitor analyses.

Components of a marketing plan
Marketing objectives, strategy and actions, an activity calendar with timelines, and budgets for advertising and promotions.

Dynamics of branding vis-à-vis consumer behaviour
Branding shapes perceptions and influences consumer behaviour by meeting needs or enhancing lifestyles, leading to conscious shifts in consumer behaviour.

Inbound vs outbound marketing
Inbound marketing is targeted and subtle, and tailored to specific audiences, while outbound marketing casts a wider net and seeks conversions.

Measuring marketing success
Choose a goal (it’s best if it is attainable and realistic), set a timeline, determine the metrics that need to be measured, create a reporting template, and collect and analyse data.

Marketing efficacy
Audience segmentation enhances marketing by enabling focussed strategies, customisation, opportunity discovery, competitive advantages and customer retention.

Ethical considerations
Transparency, honesty, data privacy and protection, inclusivity, social responsibility, fair trade and sustainability are important for marketers to keep in mind in today’s context.

Mantra for success
Continue to experiment and course correct as you work.

Janmesh Antony is the Marketing Director of Singer (Sri Lanka).