Safe and Sanitized Private Transport with Malkey Rent A Car

With the increasing demand for safe and sanitized private transport solutions and the reduction of taxes locally, both self-drive and exclusive with driver have become preferred and affordable transport options for both private and corporate customers.

With over 40 years of experience offering both self-driven and with driver car hire services, the customers of Malkey Rent-A-Car, are assured a high degree of service with a certified fogging process that reaches all the surfaces of a vehicle including the air-conditioning ducts that are usually missed during a spray and wipe process.

In addition to the added Sanitization a range of special access (wheelchair friendly) vehicles are also available with a motorized lift These specialized services are a boon to senior citizens, the physically challenged or immuno compromised customers reluctant or unable to use public or shared transport options due to restricted access.

With Commercial Rental Insurance, 24/7 Islandwide Roadside assistance and a guarantee of replacement vehicle when required, Malkey Rent-A-Car is now able to offer an affordable and reliable service that ensured peace of mind. To make your reservation call 0112365365 or visit