Pramukshi  Kariyawasam

In conversation with  Ashwini Vethakan

Pramukshi is the Digital and e-Commerce Marketing Manager for Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts (Sri Lanka and Maldives)



In 1991

Alma maters

Bishop’s College (from 1995 to 1999) and Stafford International School (from 2000 to 2009)

Family members

My husband (Buddhi), father (Prabodha), mother (Gowri), sisters (Janisha and Sadisha) and brother (Prasanga)

Other relatives

Let’s not forget my adopted family members – my two pooches (Elsa and Anna) and their grandma (Sheeba)

Driven in

A Toyota Vitz

Would like to be driven in

The cute Audi A1

Wanted to be

A doctor – and this isn’t for the sake of humanity!

Is (but never thought you’d be)

A marketing professional who specialises in the digital aspect

Likes to

Sail – I’ve been sailing since the age of eight – and play board games

Most used word


Motto in life

Every day is a brand-new beginning


Most unforgettable event

The day I got married – is that too cliché?

Most forgettable event

The time I was in a Christmas play and began laughing on stage when my co-actor said the wrong phrase

The aftermath of this incident

I was unable to recite the rest of my lines because I couldn’t keep myself from laughing!

Purpose in life

To inspire people and positively impact the lives of others wherever I go

Success is

Having a goal and striving to achieve it regardless of the roadblocks that may be in your way

Impressed by

The women entrepreneurs around me

Happy place

A beach at 6 a.m.


Role models

There are a few. I am inspired by quite a few people – especially those in my immediate family

Likes to watch

Netflix, romcoms and horror movies (which is my favourite genre)

Your pet peeves

People who are chronically late, lick their fingers after eating and watch videos or listen to music without headphones in public areas – and paying for international shipping

Obsessed with

Milk tea!

Most hated chore

Washing my bathroom (grr)


Theatre and singing

Three items on your bucket list following retirement

Riding in a hot-air balloon, skydiving (this is highly unlikely to happen) and conquering Adam’s Peak!

Three things you think about when you’re in the car

At what time will I reach home to make a cup of tea; when will I get to eat my next rice packet; and what is the guy in the next car listening to?

Three must-haves

Mobile phone, a power bank and hand sanitizer

Three qualities you most value in a friend

Being able to bear with my rants and hug me (because I love hugs), and always being there through good and bad

Greatest fear


Likely retirement destination



Local destination

Nuwara Eliya

Overseas destinations

The US, Spain and Portugal

Days of the week

Friday, Saturday and Sunday



Chill out spots

My bed, Whight & Co, KIKU Colombo and Tea Avenue


No bake cheesecake

Savoury food

Rice and curry – I’m the kind of person who will travel the world and look for a bath packet



Leisure wear

Jeans, flats and a sleeveless top

Office wear

Flared pants and neutral coloured blouses

Quote from a movie

“Just keep swimming” (Finding Nemo) – because it’s all about staying afloat when the going gets tough (I firmly believe in this)


The Theory of Everything – because it covers so many aspects of life such as the struggles, endurance and achieving the impossible


Maya Angelou


Blake Lively, Emilia Clarke and Ryan Reynolds


Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5 and Camila Cabello

International civil rights activist

Maya Angelou


Memory skills on a scale of 0 to 10


Computer ability in one word


Do you consider yourself to be a student or teacher?

A bit of both

The most delightful word you can think of


Most productive in the morning, noon or night


A leader or follower by nature


Foodie or cook


Quality or quantity


The glass is half full or half empty

Half full

Work or play after retirement

I feel like I’ll be working and playing for as long as I can


When you dance, you look like…

One of those wacky waving inflatable tube men outside supermarkets because I’m very tall!

The first thing you notice when meeting someone

His or her smile (or the lack of it)

You know it’s going to be a bad day when…

You receive an email from your boss that includes the phrase ‘please discuss’

The worst haircut you ever got was…

Every haircut is bad for me, thanks to my extremely stubborn hair – it’s a struggle to maintain this mane every day

Failure is…

A second chance to get it right

You describe family as…


Global warming is…

The outcome of humankind’s selfishness

Two words to describe social media

Unwanted expectations

Sri Lanka can develop when…

The topic of politics stops being something we laugh about

Children are…

A bundle of joy coupled with a bundle of endless trouble

New technologies you would like to see in the future

AI and machine learning – these technologies have already made an impact and will continue to augment themselves further in the future

A little-known fact about you is…

I’m passionate about what I want in life and driven to get it