“KNIT AND CHAT” – A youthful sale by the old sea at MLH

Mount Lavinia Hotel has always supported and opened her doors to help. Her benevolent nature resides within and through the very halls of this great hotel.  Owing to her helpful nature she opened her doors for the “Knit and Chat” sale for yet another consecutive year. The ‘Knit and Chat’ sale which is held annually at the hotel premises has been a platform for senior ladies to showcase their skillful efforts and craftsmanship. The ‘Young at Heart’ group which consists of an adamant – willed group of skillful senior ladies dedicated to the knitting crafts was formed to keep the perils of old-age at bay. On sale were immaculate pattern works, cross-stitched designs and other hand-sewn work. The sale has helped keep the ladies occupied and also offers a source of income for some.