PwC’s Academy launches Advanced Management Programme for C-suite business leaders

Having set its feet firmly in the Executive education industry in Sri Lanka, PwC’s Academy has set its sights on launching a revolutionary Advanced Management programme for trend setting C-suite Business Leaders.

As a senior business leader, you are at the top of your game. You have ticked almost all the boxes in your checklist to be at the top, learnt enough frameworks and models throughout your career and applied them in your business. Hence, you may wonder what more there is to learn. It is, however, a messy complex world out there with a whole new level of disruption, technologies and dynamic trends and in this new world of business, your next hurdle would be to develop a better sense of judgement and be more cognisant of your strengths and weaknesses as a leader.

You need new lenses and perspectives to make sharper decisions, adapt better and most importantly be mindful as a leader. At the Advanced Management Programme, that is what we aim to achieve as we focus more on enhancing your judgement and less on models and frameworks.

Some of our latest research findings signify that CEOs and Business leaders tend to demonstrate specific behaviors that prove to be critical to their performance.

  1. Decisiveness

High-performing CEOs stand out for being more decisive. They make decisions much quicker and portray a greater level of conviction regardless of ambiguity, incomplete information and uncharted territory domains.

  1. Adaptiveness

Willingness to learn and the ability to adapt and operate in changing multi-cultural environments are critical to CEOs. They should not only have a high level of intellectual awareness; staying current on market trends but also have a personal sense of flexibility and adaptiveness.

  1. Mindfulness

In a fast paced world, mindfulness enables you to clear your mind of clutter, focus on what is important and be emotionally intelligent.

Why is AMP so unique?

Advanced Management Programme is not an ordinary executive education workshop.

This elite programme is designed by an award winning educator along with a cohort of world class faculty from leading business schools across the world.

“Every once in a while, senior leaders need to get off the treadmill of work, decision-making and pressure, in order to step back and examine their leadership.

Without that, leaders are prone to developing what psychologists call “cognitive depletion”, a state in which we are no longer learning. The antidote to this is to enter a state of renewal, in which we are able to re-store ourselves, re-examine our mindsets, and re-define our goals and strategies in collaboration with others. This is what exactly what we try to achieve during AMP programme”.

– Prof Sudhanshu Palsule- Course Director

Diverse world class faculty: In typical Advanced Management Programmes with reputed universities you are limited to a faculty from one university. But, with our flexible resource pool we have put together a diverse group of world class faculty teaching at world’s leading business schools across different continents. (Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School, Cranfield Business School, INSEAD, London Business School, ESSEC Business School, IE Business School) and most importantly the programme is tailored to the Asian context by PwC’s subject matter experts.

With whom will you be learning?

The programme fosters an environment for deep and insightful self-reflection; facilitated by the diverse peer group and experienced faculty members who are approachable.

You will be learning with 25 exclusive top notch CEO’s and business leaders from leading corporates in Sri Lanka and the region, sharing different perspectives of the same challenges which makes the programme a great peer learning experience. You will immerse in an integrated learning experience for three weeks to recreate a new and refined leadership path ahead.

PwC’s Academy’s Advanced Management Programme is for seasoned business leaders, with proven general management experience, possibly overseeing multiple products or markets. An ideal candidate could be:

  • A member of the executive committee
  • The head of a major business unit
  • A senior functional head
  • A senior member of the operating group

Your peers are selected through a thorough selection process to ensure that you experience the most impactful learning with a truly diverse group of participants. Your class will become a trusted resource, encourage your learning journey and surprise you with many unanticipated benefits both during and beyond your classroom experience.

PS: The faculty will review and accept applications of the participants. The Faculty will thoroughly review the applications of each prospective candidate considering the nature and scope of the individual’s responsibilities.

World class programme at star class locations

Our aim is to take C suite executives away from their busy schedules and rewire their mindset to perform better. This will be a residential programme spanned across three weeks in which each week will act as separate cohort targeting key areas of learning.

The programme will be held at star class accommodations (Heritance Ahungallla and Heritance Negombo) ensuring a star class learning experience.

Week 01 –

  • Transformational Leadership in the Digital Age – Conducted by Prof. Sudhanshu Palsule
  • Harnessing Mega Trends for competitive advantage– Conducted by Prof. Mark Esposito

Week 02 –

  • Leading and Innovating Entrepreneurial organisations – Conducted by Prof. Peter Fisk, Professor Brendan Burns
  • Finance as a value creation at the top– Conducted by Prof. Ruth Bender

Week 03 –

  • Strategy Execution in Emerging Markets– Conducted by Prof. Susan Lynch
  • Negotiation and Strategic Decision Making– Conducted by Prof. Marwan Sinaceur

Register with us and be a part of this fully immersive, integrative, and a growing learning experience. At the end of this learning experience, you will be equipped to thrive in today’s fast-paced, interconnected economy with the insights you need to ignite growth and propel your organisation forward.

For more information, please contact us on 0770552524