HNB ushers in 2023 with multi-religious ceremony 

HNB PLC ushered in 2023 on a spiritual note, with the observation of multi-faith prayers and blessings for customers, employees and stakeholders. 

The ceremony took place at the Bank’s Head Office under the auspices of HNB Chairperson Aruni Goonetilleke, HNB Managing Director/ CEO Jonathan Alles and HNB Executive Director/COO Dilshan Rodrigo who were joined by the Bank’s leadership, Corporate and Executive management and staff.

Managing Director/CEO, Jonathan Alles at the outset, wished everyone a fantastic 2023, reminding all that hope and resilience at the forefront will ensure that dreams could be realized.

“It will be a year of great plans for yourselves, for your branches, departments and regions which will be undoubtedly successful. I look forward to working with you once again in a collaborative manner.

“We’ve overcome together a tumultuous 2022, a year that saw many changes in our lives, personally and professionally. 2023 may continue to be challenging but not one that we cannot overcome together, with fortitude and resolve. Since 2019, we have lived through some of the most difficult times that our country ever faced.

“COVID finally receded but we faced an economic crisis which has made inflation the biggest story of our times. Globally too many countries have had their share of problems – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February also did not help, triggering a series of events leading to an increase in oil prices and global inflation – further adding to our problems.”

It is against this backdrop that our Bank navigated its 135th year of existence. We are proud of our efforts that have paid off. First we stood by and supported our employees and their families through all the crises. We did not let go of a single individual through this period and did our part to contribute to the relief funds.  

“We also positioned ourselves to the right side of change – bullish in our digital and technological transformation; we enhanced our customer service immensely.

On behalf of HNB’s leadership, here is a promise: We will not let 2022 go gently into the night. Just as we have consistently done in the past, we will put all our might in paying attention to the conditions, act cautious, and yet be optimistic – to drive positive outcomes for all of us through 2023 and beyond.