HealthRecon Connect global delivery center in Colombo reunites after three years

Presence in 6 countries, centers in 3 cities, provides technology-enabled RCM solutions to US healthcare providers

4th February 2023 Colombo Sri Lanka_The 1300 strong team at HealthRecon Connect’s global delivery center in Colombo, part of a three-city global team which provides technology-enabled Revenue Cycle Management solutions to healthcare providers in the USA, reunited its team in Colombo in a much-needed effort to bringing the team together after three years. With a presence in six countries and global delivery centers across Chennai, Manila and Sri Lanka, HealthRecon Connect is a leading customer-centric data-driven and technologically advanced RCM solutions provider.

Through the years of the pandemic and economic crisis, the global delivery center’s annual get-together did not take place and hence, January 2023 was the ideal time to bring together the team. While some team members met for the first time since the pandemic, this was also the ideal opportunity to recognize those who had completed the Emerging Leadership and Management Development Programmes, displaying extraordinary commitment to the organisation’s values throughout 2022.

HealthRecon Connect leverages over three decades of deep domain expertise, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, cutting-edge analytics and automated workflows through its global delivery centers in Sri Lanka, India and the Philippines. Its competitive edge is in helping healthcare providers in the US solve operational inefficiencies of the revenue cycle process by reducing costs and improving cashflow and thereby, patient outcomes.

Part of the 1300-member team at HealthRecon Connect Global Delivery Center in Colombo

Co-founder and Chief People Officer Thilini Ekanayake speaks at the team event

Co-founder and CEO Denver Fernando addresses the HealthRecon Connect Team