Sri Lanka’s economy to progress through new biz development 

The third ‘Enterprise Sri Lanka’ exhibition organised by the Ministry of Finance is scheduled to be held in the Jaffna Fort in September.

According to statements attributed to the Ministry of Finance, the aim of the exhibition is to increase the number of new entrepreneurs in the fisheries, agriculture and industrial sectors.

Moreover, the exhibition to be held in Jaffna carries the additional aim of further improving peaceful relations, reconciliation and development in the district.

The creation of new entrepreneurs in the northern peninsula is anticipated to provide a much needed development boost to the region while contributing to the overall economic upliftment of the country.

Enterprise Sri Lanka also aims to inform the public regarding the progress of ongoing development projects of the government and details of projects planned for the future.

The first exhibition under this theme and series was held in Monaragala in the preceding year with a second held in Anuradhapura this July.

Reports indicate that the government expects to hold further Enterprise Sri Lanka exhibitions in other districts in the future.