Inauguration of its 700th multipurpose streetlamp pole at the iconic Port City Development premises.

Colombo, November 16, 2023– EDOTCO Services Lanka (Private) Limited (EDOTCO Sri Lanka) has achieved a significant milestone with the inauguration of its 700th multipurpose streetlamp pole at the Port City Development project in Colombo 01. This event highlights the company's dedication to enhancing connectivity across Sri Lanka.

The ceremony was attended by distinguished guests, including Mr. Madushanka Dissanayake, Director General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL); Mrs. Renuka Weerakone, Director General of the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka; and Mr. Pradeep de Almeida, Group Director - Engineering Technology and Innovation of EDOTCO Group, along with other prominent figures from the telecommunications industry.

Mr. Dissanayake, in his address, reaffirmed TRCSL's unwavering support for EDOTCO's future initiatives in the telecommunications sector. He praised the company's impressive growth from the initial setup of 8 multipurpose streetlamp poles on Marine Drive in 2017 to the landmark installation of the 700th structure at the Port City premises. Mr. Dissanayake recognised EDOTCO Sri Lanka's significant role in transforming and advancing the nation's telecommunications infrastructure. He attributed this achievement to the consistent trust and confidence placed in EDOTCO Sri Lanka by Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), highlighting their contribution to promoting equitable digital access across Sri Lanka. “This milestone emphasises EDOTCO Sri Lanka's crucial contribution to the enhancement of telecommunications infrastructure, markedly improving connectivity and digital accessibility across the country,” he remarked.

Mr. Pradeep de Almeida, EDOTCO’s Group Director, Engineering Technology and Innovation, commented, “EDOTCO Sri Lanka’s journey to its 700th multipurpose streetlamp pole reflects the resilience and dedication of Sri Lanka. This accomplishment is particularly remarkable given the challenges encountered, including the Easter attacks in 2019, the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic from 2020 to 2022, and the subsequent economic challenges in Sri Lanka. Despite these hurdles, the installation of the 700th pole at the iconic Port City development Project not only represents a significant milestone for EDOTCO but also underscores the resilience and potential of Sri Lanka as a prime destination for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).”

“In the face of adversity, Sri Lanka has proven its capacity to surmount challenges and foster growth opportunities. The strategic placement of the 700th multipurpose streetlamp pole at the Port City Development Project highlights the country's potential for economic development and demonstrates achievable growth. Moving forward, it is advantageous for Sri Lanka to capitalise on its strengths, such as its strategic geographic location, skilled workforce, and ongoing infrastructure developments, to continue attracting FDI. Moreover, cultivating a business-friendly climate, implementing supportive policies, and investing in technology and innovation will further establish Sri Lanka as a significant player in the global business arena.”

The 700th Multipurpose Pole is not just a milestone for EDOTCO but also symbolises a beacon of progress and opportunity for Sri Lanka's telecommunications sector and its wider economic growth.

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