Daraz leads the transition to retail media with the development of Daraz Marketing Solutions (DMS)

[Colombo, 9 August 2023] Daraz, South Asia’s leading e-commerce marketplace in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Myanmar, unveils its rebranded service, Daraz Marketing Solutions (DMS), an integrated suite of retail media tools which enables businesses to engage customers across diverse touch points along the shopping journey. The all-in-one marketing platform provides various solutions that can be tailored to specific business objectives, from awareness to consideration to conversion and loyalty. The solution offers 1st party shopper data for targeted onsite advertising, a streamlined user interface (UI), and advanced personalisation algorithms to automate ad creation.

DMS is an inclusive and comprehensive tool that can provide SMEs access to solutions that help accelerate sales growth, while allowing large brands to tap into the full suite of options to build their “onsite” audience, on South Asia’s most trusted e-commerce platform. Small and medium businesses can leverage this tool to grow their shop traffic, while larger brands can benefit from the end-to-end funnel solution to maximise conversion across different touch points of the consumer journey.

With over 30 million shoppers across South Asia, businesses can leverage this wide audience and tap into billions of impressions on the Daraz app. Daraz Marketing Solutions is the first comprehensive and customisable marketing toolkit in the market with direct access to such a vast base of active shoppers. Tapping into Daraz’s retail platform, DMS empowers businesses with 1st party insights and seamless marketing tools to engage Daraz’s extensive customer base. With such a vast base of active shoppers at their fingertips, Daraz is poised to be the industry leader in Sri Lanka’s retail media.

Under Daraz Marketing Solutions, brands can avail of four key advertising solutions targeted at different business objectives across the consumer funnel:

  • Branding Solutions consists of Display Ads which give businesses the opportunity to highlight their brands and products on Daraz assets through homepage sliders and splash screens.
  • Performance Solutions include Product Ads to boost products to high-traffic onsite placements for increased visibility and Private Traffic which enables businesses to drive audiences from social media to Daraz and track their purchase behaviour.
  • Content Solutions include Influencer Affiliate Marketing & Livestream to provide an exciting way for brands to engage with customers and enable customer engagement through influencer videos and Daraz Live Flash Sales.
  • Engagement Solutions focus on amplifying brand building and content planning and help businesses to send out personalised messages to users to foster brand loyalty.

The advent of retail advertising, meaning advertisements placed directly on a retailer’s e-commerce website or app, has brought about a significant shift in the marketing landscape and it is revolutionising the way businesses interact with their customers. The global market for retail media is expected to be worth over $125 billion by the end of 2023 and surpass the market for television ads by 2028. Despite the booming e-commerce industry and the potential for digital advertising, there are few retailers offering marketing solutions and it is still a nascent concept. As a technology pioneer in South Asia, “Daraz Marketing Solutions” could provide South Asian businesses a much-needed entry point into this burgeoning industry.

Sanchitha Silva, Head of Daraz Marketing Solutions in Sri Lanka, commenting on the launch said “Daraz Marketing Solutions offer brands and partners the most efficient platform to reach the largest e-commerce buyer base in Sri Lanka. The suite of solutions allows for tailor-made marketing strategies with detailed targeting to build awareness, recall and drive conversions.”

Businesses currently using Daraz Marketing Solutions include leading multinational brands such as Reckitt, Unilever, Nestle, and P&G as well as 10,000+ small and medium-sized businesses on Daraz. Businesses utilising Daraz Marketing Solutions report millions of impressions and clicks, with some brands achieving seven times more store visitors, more than five times uplift in sales, and a return on ad spend surpassing ten times.

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