Q: What is the role of corporates such as yours in reviving Sri Lanka’s economic and social landscape?

A: As the first private sector school of architecture in Sri Lanka, the City School of Architecture (CSA) has been instrumental in producing skilled architects who make a valuable contribution to the nation’s development.

Before the school was established, the University of Moratuwa’s Department of Architecture was the only institution offering admission to students aspiring to become architects. Essentially, CSA evolved from the practice-based education programme conducted by the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects (SLIA). It was established in 2008 on that footing and consolidated itself as a specialist school devoted to architectural education.

CSA offers a broad based curriculum oriented to national development and professional excellence. With its establishment, the national intake of architecture students almost doubled. This development is crucial as an educated population of professionals is needed to lead the socioeconomic development of the country.

Today, CSA is a leader in the field of architecture in the private education sector. Over the years, it has produced locally and internationally acclaimed highly skilled architects. The state sector alone can’t fulfil national developmental needs. Therefore, the CSA’s role in building a wider talent pool of professional architects to spearhead national development is very important.

Q: What have been the most significant mileposts in your organisation’s journey?

A: SLIA is the sole authority that guides the architecture profession in Sri Lanka and architecture education in particular. It is also the sole accrediting body of architecture education in the country.

CSA is the only private sector architecture school that is fully accredited by the SLIA and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). This implies that CSA graduates are on a par with those produced by other accredited schools in Sri Lanka and the UK.

Moreover, CSA is a unique architecture school because it is solely focussed on the discipline of architecture. It has remained undiluted by not diversifying into other disciplines. Most other architecture schools are part of diverse educational organisations.

CSA’s location in the heart of Colombo and its practice-based approach to education makes it a preferred choice for architecture students. Its education programme is developed to enable students to easily enter a professional architecture practice at an early stage of their studies. This will help them assimilate with industry as soon as they graduate.

Graduates of the City School of Architecture are equally competent, skilled and on a par with students passing out of university. The com­petitiveness of CSA’s education programme is apparent in the fact that a team of its students won first place in the competition hosted by CHEC Port City Colombo, to design a public landmark in the Port City’s beach promenade.

Since Port City Colombo is going to be a showpiece development for the nation, having a public landmark that’s been designed by CSA students is laudable. We are proud of our award-winning, highly competitive and internationally acclaimed alumni.

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