Chamindri Hemachandra

In conversation with Ruwandi Perera

Alma mater

St. Bridget’s Convent

Family members

My husband, son and daughter

Favourite day of the week

Saturday – it’s a more chilled out day even though I’m at work

Worst day of the week

Sunday – because I have to start work again on Monday!


A home with a quiet environment, greenery and a dog – I must have greenery around me because it makes me smile

Three ‘would like to haves’

Peace and quiet; and a little more time with my kids – and perhaps the ability to cook since I’m not good at it

Mantra to unwind

Take a nap

Favourite colour

Yellow – because it’s such a happy colour


A Montero

Would love to drive

A Range Rover

Happy place

Home – but I also love the first house we moved into after marriage because it had many trees (we didn’t cut any of them)

Favourite chill out

Our holiday bungalow in Nikaweratiya since it has greenery and animals – and there is peace

Cook or foodie

Foodie (I’m a bad cook)

Favourite food

Butter and cheese

Favourite drink

Thambili ­– I don’t enjoy the taste of hard liquor because it doesn’t suit my palate

Three hobbies

Designing (especially coming up with floral designs), painting and some reading

Pet peeves

The traffic in Sri Lanka, noise and anything unhygienic

Loves to play

Cricket – I’ve represented Sri Lanka in tennis and now enjoy a relaxing swim but I always wanted to play cricket

Likes to watch

Cricket – and also tennis and athletics

The glass is half full or half empty

Half empty – I always aspire to do something more

Most forgettable event

My father’s passing away when I was very young

Favourite local destination

I love the Dry Zone

Favourite overseas destination


Two items on the bucket list for the next six months

Spending more time with my kids and maybe a visit to Greece

Work or play after retirement

I’d like to do both as I will not stop working – entrepreneurial folks find it difficult to let go of work (we like to be involved in some kind of activity)

Bucket list following retirement

I haven’t thought of anything yet but most probably travelling and learning to cook better

Obsessed with

I’m driven to succeed, and a workaholic and thinker – my mind doesn’t stop working!

Purpose in life

To live a full life without harming anyone and effect change where required (if I have an opportunity to rectify something I don’t agree with, I want to do it)

Happiness is…

Peace of mind

Favourite author

No specific author. I read whatever I find interesting (one of my guilty pleasures is reading my son’s comic books especially Archie Comics!)

Favourite song

I can’t remember a particular song but love listening to Sinhala-language classics

Favourite movie

All Marvel movies – I’m an addict!

Best actor

Chris Hemsworth

Best singer

Celine Dion – because she has such a powerful voice

Colombo in a few words

Noisy, full of traffic and with the least peace of mind

The world in a few words

It has its ups and downs but is the only place we have to live in

Role model

My mother

Most used words

‘Team’ and ‘time’

Yourself in a few words

Self-motivated, precise and rather chilled

Motto in life

Hard work pays

Chamindri is the Managing Director of Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers