First two career fairs since the deadly attacks in Sri Lanka attract nearly 2500 youth

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The first two career fairs since the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka were held in southern coastal cities – Galle and Matara on 22nd and 29th of June 2019, in coordination with CareerMe and the Department of Manpower and Employment. Galle career fair which was held in Hall De Galle in the famous Galle Dutch Fort attracted nearly 800 young men and women while 240 youth took CareerMe career test localized by YouLead. The Matara career fair which was held at Matara district secretariat attracted over 1,600 youth and showed a greater engagement between job seeking youth and private sector stakeholders. Over 45 private companies collected CVs and conducted spot-interviews at both these career fairs. The events promoted inter communal interaction among Sinhalese and Muslims in the selected geographical areas.


YouLead comes forward to rebuild tourism industry by supporting #LoveSriLanka campaign

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Tourism is one of the core focus areas of YouLead. As Sri Lanka’s prosperous tourism industry was affected by hostilities related to Easter Sunday attacks, YouLead came forward and committed to re-establish the island’s lost legacy in tourism and hospitality landscape by supporting #LoveSriLanka national campaign. The campaign is implemented by Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance.

YouLead communication team, together with a young film crew visited around the country collecting stories of happy tourists. In the following video, Cathy, an Australian citizen who’s fascinated about Sri Lanka’s people and hospitality explains why travelers should still consider Sri Lanka as a safe destination.