Vidyani Hettigoda wins World Women Leadership Congress award for pioneering woman leader in Mumbai

Siddhalepa Director, Vidyani Hettigoda was honoured at the World Women Leadership Congress Awards held on February 17th in Mumbai, India in recognition of her immense contribution to the development of Ayurveda practice and promoting the essence of this ancient Asian form of medicine as a healthy lifestyle in the modern world.  Ms. Hettigoda’s unstinted work in empowering women and promoting entrepreneurship and self-employment among them, was a contributing factor to the evaluation process and selection of women leaders from the international arena for this prestigious award.

World Women Leadership Congress honours the strategic and influential role of various women leaders in the development of the modern economy, technology, and administrative methodologies that promotes the advancement of the government and business organization according to the standards of global competitiveness.

Ms. Hettigoda who heads marketing, advertising and communications at Siddhalepa, once had a dream as a young student in the United Kingdom, where she completed her higher education in computer studies. “I am proud and happy that my vision of creating Ayurveda spas has now become a popular trend in the country,” she says. Ms. Hettigoda’s concept was to create total relaxation for the body, mind and soul with a series of authentic ayurveda therapies and treatments. Authentic Ayurveda oils are prepared with 100 natural indigenous herbs, for a series of treatments from head to toe by trained therapists. Creating a unique ambience of total relaxation for the customer is so important, she says. The right blend of colours, sound of water, soothing music, calm atmosphere, the complete fusion is necessary to create a sense of peace and calm in the Spa.

Her dream came true when the Siddhalepa Ayurveda Hospital opened the first Ayurveda spa in its premises, in Templar’s Road Mount Lavinia. Since then, Siddhalepa has added three more Spas; in Wijerama Colombo 7, in their Ayurveda Resort in Wadduwa and most recently in their city hotel, Anarva in Mount Lavinia.

Being born to a family of Ayurveda practitioners with a rich family heritage of over 200 years, Ms. Hettigoda from the fifth generation of the family, has taken a lead in the expansion and innovation of her father Deshabandu, Dr. Victor Hettigoda’s Ayurveda products and supplements business set up in 1973.

While spearheading the launch and operations of the company’s Spas and introducing innovations and new products to cater to an international clientele, Ms. Hettigoda is also the livewire behind the company’s many CSR and promotional activities for children’s education, women empowerment and environment protection.

As a past president of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce, she has championed many women’s issues and causes. Ms. Hettigoda has been involved in projects and programs to encourage and develop entrepreneurship among women with mentoring, empowerment training, knowledge sharing and imparting knowledge sessions.