Q: Can you explain in detail the various diversified sectors under the group umbrella?
A: Following extensive market research and feasibility studies, we identified the need for a game changer in the taxi market in Sri Lanka. According to government statistics of 2017, more than 51.9 percent of the local population used public transport daily.

Although a decade ago, a large number of this share was attributable to commuters using buses and trains, a clear paradigm shift towards three wheelers and taxi cabs has been noted in the last five years.

Though local and international applications are aplenty, there is a lack of quality transport and logistical solutions in the market. YouCab was our attempt to provide users with a comfortable, affordable and satisfactory service.

We are committed to upholding many values such as passion, commitment, dedication, respect and dignity to the masses in carrying out business activities.

Being a local brand, we believe YouCab will inspire service providers in this sector to embrace the inherent Sri Lankan spirit of customer service. The road ahead is indeed long and hard, but we’re committed to adding value to the industry and empowering all our travel partners to deliver their best.

In addition, the transport and logistics sector in Sri Lanka is huge, with great potential and many opportunities; be it in import or export logistics to island wide distribution, the possibilities are endless.

Having identified that idle trucks are a serious problem for trucking companies in Sri Lanka and recognising the need for technological innovation in the virtual transportation sphere, SyTrans Global was launched as a startup to provide convenience, accessibility and reliability in the transportation of goods.

We believe that understanding customer needs and requirements are key to providing excellent customer service.

Our company connects importers and exporters with their required vehicles – be it small, medium or large lorries, or 20/40 foot container trucks, all of which are available on one platform.

Today, SyTrans Global operates with third parties to provide the best transportation solutions; our database currently utilises the services of over 70 transport providers of mainly prime movers and small to medium lorry operators.

YouFoodie was created out of an opportunity that arose during a lockdown period last year. Most delivery companies were struggling to complete their normal deliveries let alone cater to the heightened demand, and many individuals as well as food outlets contacted YouCab inquiring about delivery options.

We saw the gap in the market and ventured into the food delivery business. This was the beginning of YouFoodie.

In fact, we only had a manual operation for food transport at the inception and operated without an IT platform. Subsequently, a mobile application was developed from scratch taking into careful consideration the nuances in the sector. We went through a huge learning curve in the process.

The company has the lowest commission rate for merchants, resulting in end users also enjoying low rates.

YouFoodie has more unique features like direct delivery to merchants, and an exclusivity agreement for high end restaurants that may not choose to operate with any of the other competitors. Furthermore, YouFoodie also allows YouCab’s travel partners to accept rides and delivery hires simultaneously.

Q: What is the philosophy behind VirTrans Capital?
A: As mentioned above, the transportation industry has great potential and the possibilities are almost limitless.

However, it is not easy to satisfy today’s consumer. This is why we strongly believe in providing a good quality of service at affordable prices, which is beneficial and convenient to customers, as well as service providers.

Q: And what do the VirTrans Capital companies have planned for the new year?
A: The aim is to solidify our supply chain and provide a viable platform for all our travel partners. Price hikes and inconsistency of supplies have affected all service providers.

Our aim is to sign up with other large-scale companies to provide an all-inclusive package where we can utilise our initial technological platform to provide innovative services. We’re also looking at expanding our island wide distribution operations while we consider other opportunities for future growth.

We hope to sign up with more high end restaurants. And operating our own cloud kitchen to serve corporate clients is also one of our intentions. Furthermore, as the official food delivery partner for the Royal Colombo Golf Club (RCGC), we aspire to tie up with more sports and family clubs in the near future.

There will be a heightened focus on new startups. We offer amazing deals for them to grow their businesses – for example, merchants who tie up with our services have their deliveries taken care of as an additional benefit.

And last but not least, our ‘Foodie’ application should be downloaded to enjoy many benefits and great deals on offer for consumers.

– Compiled by Ashwini Vethakan
Nirthaj Seelanatha
Virtrans Capitial
Indika Elvitigala
Thiwanka Perera
Sushani Wijayatilake Jayakody
SyTrans Global
Ravindu Alwis
Head of Sales