Due to the impressive level of economic growth that was seen for the past decade, Sri Lanka has gradually turned into a hub for large-scale commercial developments, which are now helping the country’s economy, while also radically changing the skyline of our island. Particularly major cities such as Colombo and Kandy are at the forefront of these developments, generating employment as well as wealth for the country. For that reason, check out below for some of the leading mix development projects that are either in progress or nearing completion and some of the leading locations for such developments, which you can find across Sri Lanka.

1. Top commercial developments that will grace the skies of Sri Lanka

Below is a list of some of the top developments that you can find here in Sri Lanka.

A. Altair Colombo

This architecturally stunning development consists of two towers, a 68 level vertical tower and a 63 level sloping tower rising more than 240 meters above the ground. Upon completion, this 404-unit development is expected to radically change Colombo’s skyline with its bold design.

B. Capitol TwinPeaks – Colombo 2

Located in the heart of the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, the Capitol TwinPeaks development project is a 50-storey twin tower complex built to make life easier for the hardworking residents of Colombo. Consisted of 435 residential units, this complex will offer a stunning view of Colombo’s skyline, the beautiful Beira Lake and the Indian Ocean.

C. Dynasty Residence

Located in the city of Kandy in the heart of the central highlands of Sri Lanka, the Dynasty Residence is expected to become the tallest structure in Kandy upon its completion. Rising up to 19 floors, it will have 93 luxury apartment units, which will include single, double and triple bedroom residences that will offer a 180-degree panoramic view.

D. Glorious Residencies

Found in the heart of the metropolitan commercial area of Colombo, the Glorious Residencies development project consists of 55 stylishly designed residential units located in a gated community that is safe and secure for both entrepreneurs and their families, who wants to live in Colombo.

E. Dusit Thani – Balapitiya

Dusit Thani is a unique beachfront 5-star luxury apartment complex located in the city of Balapitiya, within the Galle district of Sri Lanka. It is managed by Dusit Thani, a multinational Thai-based 5-star hotel chain with seven decades of experience managing hotels and resorts from around the world.

2. Top searched locations for commercial developments in the country

While fast developing regions across Sri Lanka has seen a notable rise in popularity for commercial developments, the following locations have been the most searched, for such commercial developments in the island.

A. Colombo 5 (Thimbirigasyaya, Havelock Town, Kirulapone, Narahenpita)

Situated in the southern half of Colombo as its fifth major subdivision, the Colombo 5 area has been by far one of the most searched locations in Sri Lanka, not only for commercial developments but also for residential properties.

B. Colombo 6 (Wellawatta, Pamankada)

Located at the southernmost end of the Colombo city in the western coastal strip of Sri Lanka, the Colombo 6 municipal subdivision is a highly urbanised zone that is well known for its large number of retail businesses.

C. Colombo 3 (Kollupitiya)

The third subdivision of the Colombo city, known officially as Colombo 3, but more colloquially as the Kollupitiya region, is a highly sort after area for commercial properties in Sri Lanka.

D. Battaramulla

The city of Battaramulla, situated right next to the administrative capital of Sri Lanka that is the city of Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, has seen an exponential growth for the past two decades making it a magnet for commercial developments in the suburbs of Colombo.

E. Colombo 4 (Bambalapitiya)

Colombo 4, the fourth subdivision of the Colombo city, which is known more commonly as the Bambalapitiya area, is situated facing the great Indian Ocean, on the westerns coastal strip of Sri Lanka. This region is highly popular among both local and international investors who are on the lookout for modern commercial properties.