CIPM Sri Lanka’s National HR Conference 2024: Navigating the HR Horizon

From left to right.
Col. Saman Jayawickrama (Retd) – Secretary, CIPM Sri Lanka
Air Vice Marshal Manoaj Keppetipola– Chairman, NHRC 2024Conference
Mr. Ken Vijayakumar – President, CIPM Sri Lanka
Ms. Wasanthi Vithanage – Chairperson, National HR Exhibition Committee 2024
Ms. Davina Kern – Chairperson, Great HR Debate 2024
Mr. UAC Obeyesekere – Chief Executive Officer,CIPM Sri Lanka

The Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) Sri Lanka proudly announces the return of its premier National HR Conference, NHRC 2024, set to take place on June 5th and 6th at the Monarch Imperial, Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte.

Themed “Navigating the HR Horizon,” NHRC-2024 aims to tackle the pressing challenges and opportunities that are reshaping the future of Human Resources, particularly in the wake of the unprecedented convergence of pandemic aftershocks, economic turbulence, and evolving employee expectations.

Mr Ken Vijayakumar, President of CIPM Sri Lanka, emphasized the importance of staying ahead in this dynamic realm to create workplaces that meet the evolving needs of employees and organizations. He highlighted the significance of the NHRC-2024 as a platform for HR professionals to assess and maximize their impact on their organization’s future. With an expected participation of 1200 from corporates, paid sector organizations, other industries, and foreign participants, NHRC 2024 promises to be a transformative event. Air Vice Marshal Manoaj Keppetipola, Chairman of the NHRC 2024 Conference, will elucidate the theme and rationale behind the selection of speakers and topics during the conference briefing.

NHRC 2024 is honoured to feature Mr Nick Jonsson as its Keynote Speaker. Mr Jonsson brings a wealth of expertise in business networking, mental health advocacy, and personal development, garnered through his role as the co-founder of Executives’ Global Network (EGN), spanning across Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. His impactful contributions are evident through his best-selling book, “Executive Loneliness,” and his recognition as a LinkedIn Top Voice in 2023. As an accomplished Executive, Life Coach, and Ironman athlete, Mr. Jonsson is committed to excellence and mental well-being. His insights promise to enlighten and inspire attendees, positioning him as a leading figure in fostering resilience and wellbeing in today’s dynamic professional landscape.

NHRC 2024 will feature Technical Sessions led by industry luminaries, including Dr Tanvi Gautam, Dr Rohan Fernando, Ms Thilanka Abeywardena, Mr Damitha Jayasinghe, M D Howard Nicholas, Prof Sarath Kotagama, Mr Jehan Perinpanayagam, Dr Romesh Ranawana, Ms Amanthi Perera, Mr Hiran Cooray, Ms Rosanna Flamer-Caldera, Mr Isuru Gunasekera, Ms Bani Chandrasena, Dr Sweta Adatia, and Ms Zahara Ansary. These sessions will offer practical insights and strategies to enhance participants’ skills and elevate strategic thinking in their organizations.

This year’s conference will focus on four key areas under the theme “Navigating the HR Horizon:” integrating generative AI (GenAI) in HR management, promoting employee wellbeing, enhancing employee engagement for sustainability, and responsible leadership in sustainability. Central to the discussions is incorporating generative AI (GenAI) within HR management, showcasing its potential to transform HR processes. GenAI’s capabilities in content creation, data analysis, and talent trend identification promise to streamline operations and offer valuable insights. Another focal point is employee wellbeing, highlighting HR’s pivotal role in fostering healthy work habits and providing mental health support, especially in the digital age. The conference also underscores the significance of employee engagement for a sustainable future, advocating for a people-centric management approach and the integration of principles from Green Human Resource Management (GHRM). Lastly, the conference explores the imperative of responsible leadership in sustainability, stressing adaptability, proactiveness, and resilience in today’s ever-evolving landscape.

NHRC 2024 will also host the National HR Exhibition, inviting participants to explore the latest HR innovations and the Great HR Debate, offering a platform for stimulating intellectual discourse. Additionally, the event will feature the presentation of the Lifetime Gold Award to a distinguished HR leader.

Registration for NHRC 2024 is now open, with early bird discounts available until May 10th. For more information on registration, sponsorship opportunities, and event details, please visit or contact Dilan at 0716 450 613. Registration fees for non-members of the public are set at LKR 25,000/-. CIPM members can avail themselves of a discounted rate of LKR 21,500/-, while CIPM students are offered an even lower rate at LKR 19,000/-. Foreign participants are welcome to join at a USD 250/-registration fee.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of our Strategic Partners, Certis Lanka Group and Nippon Paint Lanka Pvt Ltd, Official Partners David Pieris Leisure (Pvt) Ltd, British Council and Citrek Groups and Asiri Health, and Co-Sponsor HNB.

At the media briefing scheduled for May 7th, Mr Ken Vijayakumar, President of CIPM, and Mr A V M Manoaj Keppetipola, Chairman of NHRC Committee 2024, jointly unveiled the NHRC 2024 Website, symbolizing the commencement of this impactful event.