Discover the most impressive smart home devices that we saw at IFA 2016.

Lamudi spent much the first week of September at IFA, Europe’s leading trade show for home appliances and technology. The technology on show that impressed us the most came from a range of categories. One of these categories was sustainability for the home.

Home Sustainability

Is Germany’s population ready for technology that will save them money on their energy bills as well as time? According to a survey conducted by PWC, in spite of the fact that “81% of people with smart heating devices notice a positive impact in the daily running of their homes”, 72% of people are still sceptical of such technology. According to the report, “PwC believes it takes on average between six to eight years for a tech revolution such as broadband or smart phones to become ‘the norm’”. It could be that 2016 or 2017 will turn out to be the year of the smart energy device, and IFA could turn out to have been a major contributor to this shift.

On the Go with RWE SmartHome

Gone are the days when upon coming home from your holidays, you enter a freezing cold apartment only to find that your bulbs have blown and your freezer has leaked all over the floor. With RWE SmartHome, it’s now possible to control electrical devices, including your heating, remotely. Those who have installed this home automation system can live comfortably, controlling their appliances through a secure, user-friendly app wherever they are.

Sustainable Living with Bosch Smart Home

The key to this device is its almost miraculous intuition. Bosch Smart Home responds to the changing conditions of your home, acting as a thermostat to keep your rooms at an ambient temperature and reducing your energy waste. Saving energy also facilitates greener living. A range of products are available, from system solutions to single solutions.

Robot Helpers

Do you ever get fed up of doing all the work around the house yourself? So do we! IFA showed us that there is another way – through robotics! Here are 2 of our favourites.

Project HD Movies with Tipron

Made by Cerevo, this robot will transform your movie watching experience in your living room or den. Through its projector, which is controlled by the internet, it can turn on your favourite movie, projecting HD movies onto your walls. From up to 3 metres away, this handy robot can project an 80-inch screen at a variety of angles, and it contracts to a small, storable size when it’s not being used. A luxury? Maybe, but a fun one!

Mow your Lawn with Robomow

Has mowing the lawn become a bore? Robomow can help! This helpful bot can trip between 1,300 and 11,500 square feet of grass at a time (depending on the model that you select). You can sit back and watch your electronic buddy do all the work for you without working up a sweat yourself.

Home Cleaning

Another category whose products impressed us was the home cleaning category. From staging a property for sale and cleaning a rental property in order to get your deposit back to keeping your beloved home in a good condition day to day, it is very clear that cleaning is a necessary task. As technology improves, cleaning devices become more and more efficient. A number of high tech home cleaning technology providers attended IFA and blew us away with their amazing appliances.

A Sparkling Home with Kärcher

Now with 11,333 employees spread across 60 countries, Kärcher is the world’s leading provider of ultra-high pressure washers, vacuums, steam cleaners, and much more.  The vacuum cleaner demonstrations at the event showed that the machines were lightweight and easy to use, with great suction. Using materials of the highest quality, integrating state of the art innovation, Kärcher has won itself the top spot. According to the IFA website, “in 2015, the family-owned enterprise achieved its highest ever turnover of EUR 2.22 billion and sold the highest number of units in the company’s history – 12.87 million machines.”

Clean Air with LG’s Air Purifier

Introducing its brand new products to Europe for the first time, LG’s Air Purifier and it’s innovative DUALCOOL keep the air in your apartment clean, healthy and at the perfect temperature. Invisible air pollutants are removed from your apartment’s air thanks to the Air Purifier. Its unique 360-degree design makes it a beautiful feature in your home as well as a device for cleaning your air. Jo Seong-Jin, president of LG Electronics said that LG’s “stylish new air solution products are more efficient, perform better and are more family friendly than anything we’ve introduced before at IFA”. We were certainly impressed.

We thoroughly enjoyed exploring IFA and we have so many ideas for our own homes!