Kiththi Perera


Making way for the emerging generation of tech savvy telco consumers

The telecommunications industry today in a sentence

The key platform to driving a country’s digital transformation. 

Three strengths of the telecommunications industry

Cutting-edge technology, healthy competition and a competent workforce.

Three weaknesses of the telco industry

Poor rural penetration, low ROI due to the short life cycle of technology and the brain drain.

Three new prospective customer segments

Youth, SMEs and the global customer segment.

Three evolving consumer trends or behaviours

Adoption of digital lifestyles, sharing economy and diverse requirements leading to tailor-made services. 

Three barriers to the industry’s growth in Sri Lanka

Poor rural penetration due to costly network developments, lack of governance framework for the nation’s digitalisation and difficulty retaining technocrats in the country.

Local telecommunications industry talent

Highly qualified and skilled talent that should be encouraged more – and facilitated towards impressive innovations.

Gender balance in the telecom industry

Needs improvement – however, this is progressing with an increasing number of qualified females.

Women in telecommunications management

Promising individuals and it’s amazing to see how they manage their work-life balance.

Main impact of COVID-19 on telecommunications

Financial impact in the short run although this has created more opportunities to grow and innovate in multiple ways for the future.

Three initiatives to develop the industry post-COVID

Aggressive awareness campaigns to promote rapid technology adoption in every segment, creating an environment for innovation, and disrupting unhealthy business models and practices.

Scope of the telecommunications industry in Sri Lanka

Leading the change in people’s lifestyles and economy with the use of modern, robust and disruptive technology, thereby promoting a high level of equality among citizens.

The regional telecom industry in a nutshell

Fast-growing, and offers convenience to individuals, businesses and governments.

Local vs regional telecommunications industry

Though small in market size in the region, Sri Lanka has been a frontrunner in introducing the latest technology while obtaining relatively higher penetration and network coverage. 

Telecommunications for millennials and gen Z in a sentence

Millennials and gen Z are the most dominant force in the telecommunications industry thereby reshaping
telco services.

Impact of influencers on the telecommunications industry

It is significant as digital platforms such as social media are more important than ever.

Sri Lanka’s competitiveness in a few words

It is encouraging as the telco services that are on offer locally are affordable and on a par with global standards.

Pace of technology adoption in Sri Lanka

Fast – provided that coverage is available and it influences customer lifestyles.

Impact of social media on the world at large

The world is thoroughly connected due to social media and information is merely a couple of clicks away.

Productivity is affecting industrial and economic growth

Yes – productivity delivers more with less, and demonstrable convenience and value for money, which results in higher satisfaction among stakeholders.

Corruption is affecting industrial and economic growth

Yes – corruption prevents the functioning of natural laws of the economy.

Competition drives innovation

Yes – competition drives the need for change from prevailing norms and models.

The telecommunications industry in five years’ time

It will be well connected not only among people but with all devices – e.g. IoT.

The future of IT led telecom

People will be empowered to access anything with a click and experience different dimensions with a connected world.

Best out of the box telecom personality

Steve Jobs certainly tops my list because of his relentless search for new innovations and transformations. 

Your mantra for success

Disrupt yourself before someone disrupts the industry!

– Compiled by Lashani Ramanayake