Sri Lanka to witness 10th Jaffna International Trade Fair

The Jaffna International Trade Fair (JITF) is scheduled to take place between 25 and 27 January, and for the 10th consecutive year. It is organised by Lanka Exhibition & Conference Services (LECS) every year in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Yarlpanam (CCIY) with the support of Jaffna Municipal Council, Sri Lanka Convention Bureau and the International Business Council.

Also known as ‘The Gateway to the North,’ the event is set to be a hotspot for local and international traders and businesses, providing them the opportunity to network and foray into one of Sri Lanka’s largest untapped markets.

Over 60,000 people flock to the JITF every year. The exhibition is expected to have about 350 stalls covering a wide range of products and services featuring brands in the construction industry, hospitality sector, food and beverage industry, automobile industry, ICT industry, financial services, apparel and textile industry, agriculture sector and many others.

Commenting on the JITF, CEO of LECS Aasim Mukthar says: “When we first held the fair, many of the traders who came with us had to close shop after one day because they were sold out. We have seen tangible growth in numerous sectors in the north over the years and also played a role in the opportunities that are created especially for SMEs through such an event.”