“Sitting is the New Smoking”

JAT Furnishing has the answer to the world’s pressing posture problems

Colombo, Thursday 3rd May 2018: In today’s highly competitive world, most of the battle is spent sitting on a chair either at office, the nearest café or even at home staring at a screen of some form or shape. The advent of technology having taken over most aspects of our lives, also means that we spend most of the day, in a sitting position with little or no exercise. Then there are our children and teens, who instead of playing in the great outdoors live out their entire childhood in a virtual world.

All of this has led to significant health issues specifically in the areas of back and neck problems and posture issues in all age groups. So much so that medical experts now have a new term for the condition called “iPad Neck”. Another term commonly in use is “Sitting is the New Smoking”, as experts have identified that sitting for too long in uncomfortable positions and even more uncomfortable chairs can actually kill you. The most common cause of lower back pain is postural stress. Lower back pain is frequently brought by sitting too long in a poor, rounded back position. The further forward that you lean as well as how long you keep that straining posture, determines how much extra work your neck and upper back need to do. Some of the most common causes are a lack of lumbar support from a chair that’s too soft or one that doesn’t encourage good posture.

In order to combat this growing phenom, one of Sri Lanka’s premier lifestyle brands, JAT Holdings has introduced a range of ergonomically designed seating options specifically for office usage where you spend a majority of your day. Herman Miller is an internationally renowned brand with more than a century in experience of creating chairs that are designed with the human body contours in mind. The designs prevent the primary cause of back pains by having the person sit with a straight back yet comfortably even for long periods of time.

The full Herman Miller range is available at the newly refurbished JAT Furnishing Showroom. One such chair is the ‘Aeron’ that has been dubbed the ‘Perfect Posture’ chair. These chairs are designed combining a deep knowledge of human-centered design with innovative, never-before-seen technology to deliver a chair unlike any other. The chairs have been remastered –ergonomically, functionally, anthropometrically, and environmentally. The health positive design ensures that your spinal cord is in perfect alignment while also providing enough support for your pelvis area. The tilt mechanism built in to the design, ensures that your chair moves when you do, providing resistance and support while you multi-task. It is also unique in its inclusive design that fits any body size. The chairs revolutionize the anthropometrics of fit with its 3 sizes to fit the user like a glove. A mix of plastic, aluminum, steel and form also ensures longevity of the chair you purchase and use so often. While providing an unmatched, never-before heard of 12 year, 3 shift, unconditional warranty, these chairs are available in a range of colours and designs at the Colts Building, 241 Castle Street, Colombo 8. The JAT Furnishings chair range can also be viewed online at www.jatholdings.com

For more information please call JAT Furnishings on 0115 288662.