Owning a home is a source of pride – and homeowners take great care to maintain them, recognising the importance of creating a stunning first impression. Against this backdrop, Samson Rajarata Tiles’ innovative and trusted Roof Doc service comes into play.

Originally focussed on roof washing and cleaning, Roof Doc evolved to provide comprehensive roof construction services, covering everything from labour and materials to the final roof finish.

Today, Roof Doc has expanded its services further, encompassing not only roofing but flooring and wall tiling construction too.

Chandula Rajapaksa, the Managing Director of Samson Rajarata Tiles, says: “Roof Doc was born from the realisation that many roofs deteriorate over time after their initial installation, affecting the overall appearance of a home. The roof is the section that constantly endures the most destructive forces caused by nature, humans or creatures and yet, protects everything and everyone, making it the silent protector of our homes.”

“Thus, Roof Doc was created to offer more than merely a service – it’s a commitment to providing protection and trust. We take full responsibility for each project, from start to finish, ensuring a hassle free experience for customers,” he notes.

Rajapaksa elaborates: “Understanding people’s busy schedules and the difficulty in finding trusted construction partners, Roof Doc diversified into flooring and wall tiling, delivered with meticulous attention to detail and value for money. Our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction remains at the heart of our operations.”

As such, Roof Doc simplifies the daunting process of construction by offering a complete solution for roofing, flooring and wall tiling needs, ensuring that your space is elevated in both appearance and functionality.

Roof services

Roof Doc specialises in revitalising roofs through painting, cleaning and washing services. These are aimed at giving them a fresh and attractive appearance, by removing dirt, moss, stains and other damaging elements, restoring these roofs’ vibrant looks.

This is achieved by applying an antifungal sealer and two coats of custom roof paint. Roof Doc offers professional washing and water-repellent treatments to extend roofs’ lifespans, enhancing their shine and durability for years to come.

Roof construction

Roof Doc offers a wide range of roofing services – including new roofing, re-roofing, roof replacements, roof installations and roof repairs. What sets Roof Doc apart is its versatility in working with various materials such as clay tiles, cement tiles, asbestos, slates or zinc aluminium.

The company also offers to construct roofs using either timber or steel based on customer preferences. Regardless of a roof’s size or pitch, Roof Doc handles ridge and masonry work with precision and reliability to ensure its strength.

Additionally, Roof Doc manages the installation of roof accessories such as valley gutters, reapers, rain gutters and downpipes. Its services are backed by a warranty, guaranteeing that the roof not only looks good but endures the test of time.


Roof Doc provides a comprehensive flooring solution that can transform interiors and exteriors into timeless and elegant spaces – be they terracotta, ceramic, titanium or even paving bricks, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Wall tiling

And finally, Roof Doc says its skilled team transforms walls into exquisite pieces of art with their expert craftsmanship, providing walls with a flawless, enduring finish that enhances the elegance of every home.

Roof Doc is backed by the trust and rich heritage of DSI Samson Group, and is accessible through online and offline channels, with dependable solutions that enhance the beauty of the home and most importantly, bring you peace of mind.

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– Compiled by Yamini Sequeira


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