Situated on an acre of land amid the lush greenery of the Udawalawe region, this resort is an escape to serenity and contentment. The vast canopy of trees promises a seamless dialogue with nature. The resort has an open plan design and consists of 12 elevated cabanas, a kitchen, a restaurant and staff quarters. The design executes the concept of ‘touching the Earth lightly.’ Triangular A-framed steel structures convey a hut effect while reducing the impact on the existing tree canopy. Each cabana comprises a spacious bedroom, a veranda, an attic space and a bathroom, and offers a view of the central water feature. Its design is a perfect fusion of traditional and modern architectural styles, in terms of architectonic form, colour and materials. The spaciousness of the bedroom creates the necessary comfort while earth-toned colours make for a soothing effect. Indoor and outdoor light fittings designed from disused gas tanks in the air conditioner units have been finished with a contrasting hue to break the monotony of the design. This has been carried out throughout the scheme, incorporating diverse architectural elements to vary the ambience. Rustic finish materials add to the celebration of a recycled ethos.

  • PROJECT NAME               Kottawatta River Bank Resort
  • ARCHITECT                       Sisira Liyana Arachchi
  • INTERIOR DESIGN           Sisira Liyana Arachchi Associates
  • LOCATION                         Walawe Junction, Embilipitiya Road, Udawalawe
  • AREA                                  14,380 sq ft
  • PROJECT DURATION     Six months
  • PHOTOGRAPHER             Eresh Weerasuriya (Fotografie)

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