Established in 2008, the Royal Institute Girls’ School (RI International Girls’ School) in Colombo, Sri Lanka, has evolved over the past 15 years into an institution synonymous with exceptional international education in an exclusive all girls environment.

RI International Girls’ School is a trailblazer in the realm of girls’ education because of its commitment to supporting young women’s intellectual and personal growth. The school encompasses several distinct characteristics that distinguish its incredible journey to success.

The only multiethnic girls’ international school in Sri Lanka

One of the most notable characteristics of RI International Girls’ School is its positioning as Sri Lanka’s only multiethnic girls’ international school.

This inclusiveness not only demonstrates the school’s dedication to diversity but also contributes to the creation of a rich cultural tapestry within its walls.

Students from many cultural origins interact, establishing an atmosphere of understanding, compassion and global citizenship.

From nursery to A-Level under one roof

RI International Girls’ School is dedicated to providing its pupils with a well-rounded educational experience. In 2023, the school established its A-Level section with several new subject combinations, allowing students to complete their education from nursery to A-Levels in a single institution.

This continuity in teaching promotes a smooth transition and enables pupils to benefit from the school’s supportive environment throughout their primary education.

Embracing cultural diversity and sports

Cultural diversity is not only acknowledged but also appreciated at RI International Girls’ School. The school actively participates in and arranges cultural events such as Avurudu, iftar, Christmas and Thai Pongal, which enables students to learn about diverse cultures, traditions and customs. This expands pupils’ cultural knowledge and comprehension, equipping them for a globally linked future.

Furthermore, sports and physical education are given great importance in the school. Students are urged to engage in a variety of sporting activities taking place in the expansive playground and at the RI Sports Complex with its numerous amenities.

This multifaceted approach to education assists children in developing not only academically but also physically and emotionally.

High achievers and Cambridge award winners

RI International Girls’ School has a track record of producing top achievers and Cambridge award winners. The school’s pupils thrive in the Cambridge International Examinations almost every year, demonstrating the institution’s commitment to academic success.

Some key achievements include the Tamil World Prize secured by Gayathri Santhanakrishnan in 2018 and the Cambridge Prize for Sinhala secured by Disansa Sethumini in 2022. The challenging curriculum, devoted teaching staff and nurturing learning environment all contribute to these outstanding academic results.

The RI Girls’ School Press Club

The Press Club at RI International Girls’ School provides a vibrant platform for students and teachers to explore the universe of information and creativity. This group reflects the spirit of journalism with passionate participants gathering, evaluating and analysing a variety of information.

Moreover, the Press Club takes the initiative to pioneer unique update delivery – whether it’s displaying the most recent school activities, investigating current interests or looking into upcoming events.

A historic step towards inclusivity

In a significant stride towards inclusivity and recognising the importance of women’s perspectives, the Model United Nations (MUN) Club of RI International Girls’ School made history by participating in the Sri Lanka Model United Nations (SLMUN) conference for the first time this year.

The endeavour demonstrates the school’s dedication to enabling young women to have a voice on global concerns. It illustrates that RI International Girls’ School produces not only academically talented students but also aspiring leaders who are ready to make a difference on an international scale.

Empowering futures

RI International Girls’ School pupils’ quest for success extends beyond the classroom. Following graduation, these talented girls will be in a unique position to continue their education at its affiliated institution, the Royal Institute of Colombo.

This collaboration guarantees that the knowledge and skills they gained throughout their formative years are further developed, helping them to thrive both professionally and personally, in an atmosphere that recognises their needs and objectives.

Since its inception in 2008, RI International Girls’ School has progressed tremendously. It has established itself as a shining example of high quality international education for girls in Sri Lanka over the last 15 years.

RI International Girls’ School continues to inspire and develop young women, preparing them to flourish in an ever-changing international environment through its dedication to diversity, continuity of education, cultural enrichment and academic success.

As the school progresses and broadens its horizons, it remains committed to its primary objective of offering extraordinary education that nurtures students to be tomorrow’s leaders. RI International Girls’ School is a testimony to the remarkable potential of girls when given the opportunity to shine.

– Compiled by Ruwandi Perera


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