IT to transform CIFC (Port City) into a ‘smart city’

The Ministry of Ports & Shipping and Southern Development announced plans to allocate Rs. 929 million to strengthen and modernise IT at the Colombo Port in a move aimed at making CIFC (Port City) a ‘smart city.’

This includes automating functions to improve efficiency, and using satellite based Differential GPS (DGPS), business intelligence tools, web portals and simulation tools.

The IT upgrades are expected to be completed within 12 to 18 months.

Minister of Ports & Shipping and Southern Development Sagala Ratnayaka stated: “Smart ports globally use IT and data analytics to make the best use of available terminal space, equipment and time, to become more competitive and attractive to customers. In layman’s terms, this means [that the] Colombo Port will operate with greater efficiency and handle a greater volume of activities within a shorter period of time, with the use of advanced IT and information systems.”

He added that this transformation was a timely need and that it had to be embraced with the right frame of mind, noting that “this is not about upgrading IT and information systems, and forgetting everything else. Cleanliness of the port, the attitude of workers, its administration and welfare should also be geared towards the same transformation.”